Oh you know, back to those lunch packing days…

About half way through the school year the kids and us Moms & Dads too, are getting bored of packing the same things all the time for the kids. Well this year I decided to start a Pinterest board and starting pinning for some motivation and then came across some cool finds!

Don’t get me wrong, I love packing the kids their lunches so I can make sure Bryce & Maddie are eating for that they like are are good for them too. Bryce doesn’t care that much for hot lunch from the cafeteria and Maddie she goes through spurts of wanting to pack and wanting to buy!

I would much rather pack her a lunch but it’s good for her to mix it up! 🙂

(Naomi doesn’t eat lunch at school yet 🙂 

Off to school!

So here is Bryce’s lunch today and some will be for snack!

A Turkey sandwich on Honey Wheat.



String Cheese 


Cookies (treat)

Capri Sun


and a lunch-box note! 

(cool find on Pinterest)

Here’s Maddie’s lunch for today!

Turkey Sandwich on Honey Wheat

Fruit Squeezie 


String Cheese



Capri Sun

and a Lunch Box Note!

Bryce also loves to pack Salads for his lunch!

He loves to accompany the lettuce with Italian dressing, craisins, nuts and croutons!

All set to go, just needs a fork and of course I will put snacks and such. 🙂

I am sure he is probably the only kid packing salads to school, haha and a boy for that matter but it makes me proud of him!


This is some of the inspirational pins I found on Pinterest and of course there is much more!!!

I love how Annie organizes the kid’s lunch box snacks in bins, I do something very similar to this!

To check out her full post & more helpful tips click here

Now one of the cool things that I absolutely loved were these little “Lunch Box Notes” to put in the kid’s lunch boxes to put a little smile on their face when they open their lunch.

Click Here  to download these FREE adorable lunch box notes created by Lori McDonough!

Sometimes I get stumped on what to pack, and you just wanna change up the old turkey sandwich routine, well I found this fun little “4 Step” Lunch Packing Printable to be of help when you are trying to think of something different.

Click Here to see what else Kitchen Meets Girl has about packing lunches!

Here’s my Pinterest Board on lunch packing click below to check it out.

I hope this was of help to you and one of my favorites were the lunch box note cards!

Have a Great Day, 


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