Hey ALL…Happy Monday!!!

This past weekend my kids had Friday off and a half day on Thursday so I guess it was a 3½ day weekend and it was so nice! 🙂 The rain in the later week forced me to finish some open projects I had inside and when I mean projects I’m talking about cleaning my room, lol. I know for me I’ll do really good about keeping up with my room and making my bed and then all of a sudden bam, it’s back to having a million empty water bottles on the sides of the best and laundry on the ground, dirty clothes hanging out of the hamper etc….tell me I’m not the only one, Ha!

On the kid front we have been pushing right along with school, sports, meetings and playing! I’m really trying to back away from saying, “I’ve been so busy” because to me it gives a negative connotation that maybe someone else isn’t as busy or just has a negative undertone. So I am trying to change the phrase to “my life is full right now” and that’s the season of life I’m in with my kids. There will be one day when they are grown and I will miss those hustle and bustle days, so for now I need to enjoy the “fullness” and keep it moving forward. 

On a lighter note, haha….

The weather has been ah-mazing, there have been beautiful sunrises & sunsets and the fall breeze is in the air!

The kids have been loving this weather and we have been outside as much as possible because pretty soon it will be turning COLD! 

One of the days I headed into the city where there’s an Andy’s Frozen Custard drive-thru and picked Jer up a Strawberry shake as a surprise and to let him know that we all appreciate everything he does!

One of the things Bryce has been into lately is learning how to fish! 

When my Sister & Brother in law were here, he picked up some fishing polls at Walmart and left them here for the kids and us to use.

So Bryce, the girls and I have gone down to the pond, which we stocked with fish last year, to have him practice his casting, baiting his hook and reeling his line in.

In one of the towns over there is a paid “stocked lake” where you can go fishing and the whole time you pretty much catch & release, so that is our next step!

At this point the girls were tired of fishing and were running around pretending they were lions! 🙂

Friday morning it was raining and Bryce and I decided to tackle one of his Lego builds he had yet to accomplish because there were 106 steps!!! Yes you read that right, 106 steps, it took about an hour and a half to finish but was well worth the time spent with him!

Naomi had came up while Bryce and I were building to share he magnetic doll outfit she created! 

A royal dress & fire boots! 🙂

This was Bryce’s last week of football, Jer and I loved seeing him play and to see how much he has grown and his confidence level in the game too!

Now onto basketball, his first practice is tonight! He played basketball last year and he does so much better at school and at home when he is played sports. Jer and I have said this countless times, we aren’t sure if it’s the physical activity or the discipline but he is just better when he is on a team!

Whatever it is, it brings out the best in him. 🙂 

Rainy Friday chores with the crew!

I’m not ready for jackets… 🙁

Saturday I took the big kids to go see Storks, that movie was so cute!

Naomi stayed at my Mom’s because she’s just a little too squirmy-wormy for a whole movie yet and that’s ok because Maddie has just started being able to sit through a movie. 

Recliner seats is the only way to go!!!

On our way back Bryce, Madison and I did the grocery shopping, picked up Naomi and Bryce jumped-ship and stayed the night at my Mom’s!


Now that winter is on it’s way and colder temps are too come, I’ve been starting to get ready by organizing, putting stuff away that doesn’t need to be out anymore, rearranging and throwing stuff away! 

Here’s our wood room looking wonderful…you should of seen it before, it was totally stressing me out!

Now it is nice, organized, picked up and ready!

That’s our wood stove that heats the house!

Until we meet again wood stove…

In the process of cleaning the wood-room, I found my knock-off aviators from American Eagle, yay!

Ok I better go, I can hear Maddie calling for me and everyone needs to start getting dressed for school. Have a HAPPY MONDAY!!!


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