Hi everyone!!!

Can you believe October is almost over?!??

Monday is Halloween!!! I repeat Monday is HALLOWEEN!!!! 

What? I feel like I just took down our pool and summer just ended…

Never the less we have been ramping up and getting ready for colder temps and winter by mowing all the pastures, working on equipment, cleaning up & organizing outside the house.

On the Mom front I have been getting the kid’s doctors appointments all taken care of, getting our sweatshirts and jackets all out and starting to organize and purge to get ready for the holidays!

So here’s what we’ve been up to…

At Bryce’s annual check up he had better than perfect vision test and passed the hearing with flying colors…so he can hear me?!? 😉

Football season is over and now onto basketball.

Every time I pick up Naomi from preschool, Maddie’s class is on recess and she loves to run over and say hi to me. I know in this pic she looks like she is by herself but, she stopped to say hi and her little friends kept running. 🙂

While I was mowing the lawn Naomi was playing sand table and 


Ty and Jer

were fixing the discbine.

Dad’s been busy mowing the pastures, getting all the pastures even and weeds moved is a huge job!

But the property is looking ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

Besides fixing and mowing, we’ve also been baling the last cutting of grass.

While the Big-Kids were at school, Naomi & I were helping Jer pick up hay out of the field.

This past week I made a pumpkin-spice bundt cake and accidentally called it a “Spumkin” bundt cake, lol! 🙂  Besides it was delish with a cup of coffee… 

Another thing we crossed of the list was getting Naomi’s teeny-tiny cavity taken care of.

She did awesome and handled it like a champ!

Fall here in Missouri is beautiful and I love seeing all the changes slowly happening… 

One of the things my Mom has been in charge of and handling it like a boss has been cutting weeds off the fence lines coming down the drive way and helping my Dad fix fence!

Thanks for all the help Mom, it looks good! 🙂

Monday Naomi and I headed for the city to order Maddie another pair of glasses (hers finally broke) and pick up a few things at Target and since it was Naomi’s lunch time she enjoyed Pizza Hut’s delicious pasta! 


Only in Missouri do you see people burning things on the side of the road, just feet from where you drive…


and for dinner last night I made my “weeknight chicken parmesan” so easy, fast and good!

Instead of using chicken breast that you have to bread and cook, I used already cooked chicken tenders from the frozen isle. All I had to do was heat, pour, sprinkle, bake and boil the noodles. Easy & delicious…oh and serve on paper plates!!!

That has been life lately peeps, talk to ya soon,


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