Happy Friday Friends & Family!!! 🙂

Today I’m creating a post to share with you all what my current everyday favorite right now. 

Everyday Fall Favorites!

In this post I’m sharing favorites of mine that I know I’ve never shared before…at least not recently…

I don’t know about you but I love hearing, watching or reading about products people use or swear by on the daily and here are mine!

Every morning (for about two months) you can find me using this citrus scented facial scrub by St. Ives. It is very inexpensive and you can find it anywhere…drug stores, Target, Walmart etc.

It leaves your face feeling fresh and clean! 

We all know I am no stranger to a cup or two of coffee in the morning!

So the toothpaste I’ve been using off & On and back on, (in the morning) is the Advance White by Arm & Hammer and I really do see a difference with coffee stained teeth. 🙂

In the evening I’ve been using Crest Pro-Health Advanced…

followed by this mouthwash before I go to bed!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever read the directions but it’s says to not drink any liquids for at least 20-30 minutes for best results…that’s why I use at night. 🙂

Alright now onto food related favorites!

Every holiday season that is coming up always produces cute party plates for entertaining!

Well I like to buy these little dessert plates for the kids to enjoy their breakfast on in the morning and I think this little stack of plates were .99 cents from Walmart. You can buy them with all sorts of scenes on the front, but it makes it fun and festive in the morning when sometimes people are dragging & not feelin the early morning!

This is my favorite yogurt as of late!

I go through phases of what I like to eat for breakfast but once I’m onto something I’m usually on to something for awhile and this is the latest yogurt with…

this granola!

I buy this granola from Target, I haven’t actually looked for it anywhere else but I’m sure you can find it on Amazon too. This is my fave!!!

Candles…oh is it the season for candles!

Fall for me is when I start burning my candles, it starts to get cool & crisp outside and you want the house to smell warm, cozy and festive and these two candles give you just that.

BUT guess what? They are 3-wick candles from Walmart, not Bath & Body and smell amazing and what is even more amazing is that they are under $5.00!!!

Mulled Cider is a must and

Apple Pumpkin is a must too!!!

One cleaning product I use everyday is counter spray!!!

This my friends has been one of my longtime favorites, Lysol with Hydrogen Peroxide and you can find this product any where.

Best. Dishwasher Tabs. EVER!!!

I run the dishwasher about everyday and these are my friend, they never disappoint and always leave the dishes clean! 🙂

Now onto Tech…you all know how I love me some technology and these two apps have been my recent favorites.

1Weather app has been my go to favorite for checking the weather and when you live in the Midwest and you work outside for a living you check the weather all.the.time.

Because accuracy of the weather in late Fall/Winter/Spring determines what you do or projects on the farm and this app doesn’t disappoint!

My next current favorite app is called Mint by Intuit. It’s a financial app that can give you a “snapshot” of your finances and also help you budget & stay on track! I use the main page on the internet, you can go to Mint.com and then get the mobile version on the app.

What is the best about both apps is that they are free!!!

You to your app store and download.

Those are my current Everyday Fall Favorites, I hope you enjoyed and let me know what’s one of your everyday favorites?!?

And if you didn’t see my other two posts from this week, check them out below!




Have a Great Weekend and talk to you all Monday!!!


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  1. riley elrod
    October 18, 2016 / 10:57 pm

    I'm going to buy those candles. I hate spending so much on b&b works candles.

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