We all had a Fall-Family-Fun (jam-packed) weekend!!!

This was a very, very, very last minute trip for my Sister, her husband and kids to come out and visit the fam-bam out here in Missouri! They were supposed to be at a wedding in Daytona, Florida, right where hurricane Mathew was going to hit. The wedding got canceled, the hotel evacuated and their flights also were canceled so…all the stars pointed to Missouri! 

Sad that they didn’t get to go Florida but happy they came out to visit! This is my niece Holly’s third time in Missouri and Jer’s second time here…seasoned travelers to the midwest! 🙂

So once we heard they were changing tickets and coming out, we all scrambled to get caught up on work, get more groceries, finish other chores up so we could spend as much time as possible and also cram a lot of stuff in to make the most of their time.

So here we go…there are a lot of pics, just a warning! 😉  

This was the first time seeing my little babies!!!

My Sister and her fam arrived late Thursday night and I didn’t see them till Friday after I dropped the kids off at school. The kids needed to go for at least half day on Friday so we didn’t tell them they were already in town. It was easier that way… 

Friday afternoon swinging! 

Bryce has such a love and connection with Holly & Jer…he misses all of his cousins. 

The kids loved swinging together!

The two brother in-laws hauling a load of silage back from the ranch.

They sun came out in the afternoon and we all took a little family stroll to soak in the sun.

Oh yeah…I forgot to mention, I got a flat tire on the way to Bryce’s football game Thursday night!?!! Luckily I was still in town, Jer changed it out to the little pizza tire and my Mom brought us the truck and she drove my car back! Oh it was a mess…

So the next day Ty dropped my tire off for me at the local tire shop to be plugged…I think Jer said he saw a nail!??

Now this is Saturday morning, the weather couldn’t of been any better and Jer was putting my tire back on my car before him and the guys left for Farm Fest.

Put your back into it Jer, haha!

Bryce was helping his Dad raise the “dusty-donut” back up under the car…let’s hope I don’t have to use that for a while!!!

The girls were all ready to go to the Harvest Fest / Pumpkin Patch and they looked so cute in their matching outfits I got them from Sam’s Club!

Off to Harvest Fest!

Mom and all her grand kids!

(Hard to get them all looking…)

All the kids did pony rides and Naomi was waiting patiently for her turn…

She loved it, her pony was named Cricket!

Holly was not into wearing the helmet but loved her little pony!

Maddie’s turn to ride the pony!

At first she said she didn’t want to ride but I told her she could play at the playground until she did and they gave her the tallest horse, lol!

Her horse was named Merlin!


That was our time at the Harvest Fest, now let me share a few pics Jer snapped for me at Farm Fest!

The boys were enjoying their pulled pork sandwiches…

talking and laughing! (of course) 

Jer said Bryce and Ty were like little kids in a candy store, lol!

That was the first time Bryce had been to Farm Fest!

Bryce and Little Jer have a cousin bond…

This was back when they came in June!

He loves his little guy!

Heading down for fishing and campfire! 

Uncle Jimmy helping Bryce with his fishing pole.

Grandpa getting the fire going…

Ty and I going on a hike.

and then later it was…


It was quite the show and the boys loved it.

Sunday…their last day here, most of us went to the ranch. Riley wanted me to take some family pics of her and her fam. The girls had a late night so they stayed back with Jer and we spent the last few hours back at the house enjoying tacos Mom made for everyone and talking.

Now back to our routines and our family tanks are full until the next time!

Hope you enjoyed all the pics and talk to ya soon,


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