Hi all…Happy Thursday!!!

This week my posting schedule is Tuesday & Thursday and maybe tomorrow if I can pull it together. 🙂 Yesterday was a busy day and I didn’t even take one pic to document, gasp-so unlike me! Well for good reason, I was totally off my game when I heard some good news and then the rest of the day was mush…well not really!?! 

So I went to the gym after dropping the kids off at school, from there went and picked my Mom up and headed to the city for big grocery shopping. The one thing I kept reminding Jer about was you have to pick up Naomi for me, she gets out at 10:50 and there was no way I could do shopping and get back by that time! 

So I’m doing my grocery shopping and get a phone call from the preschool…”Did you forget someone?!?” O-M-G, haha, call Jer and he just answers and says I know, I’m on my way…lol! (Mind you, we live a solid 15 minutes from school!)

So that was just a “slice” of my day, haha! 

Have I mentioned I love this time of year here in the Midwest!?!

I will probably mention it in every post all the way til it gets COLD. 🙂

Ok…on to more important matters. Have I ever mentioned to you that I am not a fan, AT ALL, of Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks!!!!!!!!!

I seriously can’t even pretend to like one and like seriously (in my best valley girl voice), I am not a picky person!?!

Forgive me for the next one because I almost laughed out loud when I came across this next one…

( The reason why I didn’t laugh out load is because it’s 5 a.m. and I don’t want to wake the little beasts)

Too funny, but so true!

(No offense if you do like P.S.L.)

Tuesday evening my Mom, the girls and I were driving up from the bottom pastures and the sun was setting and it was just beautiful…

One of my favorites!

Happy Thursday, my post was very choppy but at least I posted right, haha, now off to the shower because two need to get to school and the other needs to get to the dentist!

Talk to yah soon,


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