Today I’m participating in another “Stranded With…” link up and it’s about what three Halloween candies would you take on a deserted island!!?!  

Here’s the kids and I last year getting ready to go to a trunk or treat with my friend and her family at her church!

This year I’m not quite sure what everyone wants to be yet, I know the girls will probably pick princesses and Bryce will probably be a super-hero!

Well first things first, I L-O-V-E chocolate!!!

But my absolute favorite chocolate is from See’s Candy, although I know I won’t be taking any of that out there, I thought I should just add that in! 🙂

So if we are just talking plane old Halloween style stuff I would probably go for…


When my sister and I were little we would go Trick or Treating at my Grandmas house and back then that is when you would take your pillow cases and walk around the block and get tons of candy!!!

Then we would come back and spread our candy out on the carpet and separate all our candy, all the Snickers together, Starbursts, Reese’s etc. and our Mom would go through and throw out any open candies and remember always thinking I had a great haul if I had lots of Snickers! 🙂

My second choice would be a KitKat!

“Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that KitKat bar”!!! 

(Anyone remember that…?)

Ok another true confession, I eat my KitKat bar in layers…

I first break one of the bars off then bit the top wafer off, then bit the perimeter chocolate off the sides, and then proceed to eat the rest of the bar! See…I just keep getting more awesome, haha!


Now I thought I should pick a candy that is not a chocolate based candy because remember we are on an island and that usually means it’s warm so…

I picked Jolly Ranchers!

I love these little things but, I do not like the Jolly Rancher chews, yuck!

I like them in lollipop form or hard candy…I remember everyone in elementary school loved these things and come to think of it these days kids don’t really eat hard candy!??

It’s all about this stick-gooey crap…oh I mean, stuff! Ha.

Those are my Stranded Halloween Candy picks, I would love to know what yours are?

Friday I’m going to be sharing my Everyday Favorite’s



  1. Jackie Vore
    October 12, 2016 / 2:08 pm

    Shoot I forgot about Kit Kats! I loved getting those as a kid too! So many great choices for candy 🙂

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