Hi my people!

I had a fun post to share with you all today but I wasn’t able to get it setup yesterday as I would of liked to. So I’m going to have it ready for tomorrow, so make sure to check it out…it’s kind of nerdy! Haha. 

This picture was taken yesterday afternoon, after calf feeding 🙂

So here is something I’ve been trying lately…and when I mean lately, I mean since Monday, lol!

When I am writing out my “things” I need to accomplish for the day or what needs to be absolutely done by the end of the week, I’ve been putting them in by order of importance. But also adding one or two things to the top that have been bothering me! 

You know those things that really don’t matter, but they matter to you and at the end of the day you don’t feel as accomplished because those things are still floating on there since last week…yeah you know, those things…

Well I’ve been trying to tackle one of those things each day and I have about 10+ things on that non-important list. So to round it out, I make my list of things I need to do for the week. Then each day I make a short list of what absolutely needs to be accomplished that day and then 1 or 2 that bother me, but aren’t as important. 

It seems more complicated but in all fairness is actually like 1 to 2 minutes of my day! 🙂

So here’s to the list!

Question: Are you a Pen & Paper list maker or do you use your phone/app for lists or do you just “fly by the seat of your pants”?


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