Happy Monday everyone, lets hope today goes better than our past weekend, lol!?!!

At some point or another we have all been hit by this darn cold that’s going around. All five of us caught it within a week, Naomi had it earlier on in the week, Maddie & Bryce both caught it later in the week, me Sat & Sun and Jer Sunday…it went down the chain, haha! 🙂

But never the less Saturday was still pretty full for us and on Sunday we rested!  

On Saturday I promised Bryce I would take him to a “pay-lake” to go fishing. It’s basically a stocked pond a few towns over, I was supposed to take him last weekend but because of the weather we had to postponed the fishing and I didn’t want to postpone till the next week not knowing the weather.

But before we went fishing…

my Mom was teaching Maddie how to ride a bike! 

Maddie has had her bike for over a year but riding a bike has been really hard for Little Miss to master. The forward revolutions are hard for her but my Mom worked with her on Sunday too and she is getting better and better! Thanks Mom!!! 🙂

Just when I thought this…

I remembered I have responsibilities! 🙂

So after lunch Bryce, Naomi and I took off for the lake and My Mom and Maddie went back to her house. 

Maddie wasn’t feeling well Saturday and she just wanted to spend time with Grandma and I knew she wouldn’t hold up at the lake.

When we got to the bait-shop all they accepted was cash and anyone who knows me, knows I hardly ever have cash on me so…this is what $3.00 bought, nightcrawlers, EEK!!!

Bryce at first didn’t want to touch them with his fingers, he said they were too wiggly, lol! I remember always baiting my hooks with worms when I was little but I don’t remember them being so slimmy!!! :/

Waiting patiently…

Waiting patiently…

Naomi liked me casting her line and then she liked to real it in! 🙂

He did get a lot of bites though!

After fishing was…


Basketball season is back on and the team we were supposed to be playing never showed up so the coaches decided to split our team and scrimmage. 

Sunday came and Naomi was on the mend, Maddie was getting better but Bryce, Jer and I felt horrible. I knew everyone needed food, you know to survive and all so I went to our little local grocery store and bought ingredients for SOUP!

It was so good, I made a a hybrid of my chicken noddle and vegetable soup.

I feel like much of the day went like this…lol!

I needed to get some fresh air while all the kids were napping, Jer was taking a rest too, so my Mom and I were adventuring and checking on some gates!

I love this spot on the property!

Another thing I love is this show, Hart of Dixie, my Sister recommended it to me! I know it was canceled back in 2015 but there were four season made and they are all available on Netflix, so this was the perfect weekend to start watching.

Have a great Monday,



  1. Kathy DeMoville
    October 24, 2016 / 8:05 pm

    Hope you guys are all feeling better. I watched 3 of the 4 seasons of Hart of Dixie too – then they started moving it all around and I lost track of it. Enjoy!

      October 25, 2016 / 10:24 am

      Thank you, we are all starting to feel much better!You should watch the 4th season on Netflix!??

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