Hi all, happy Monday & Happy Halloween!!!

We are being absolutely blessed right now with beautiful weather here in Southwest Missouri and I’m not complaining one bit. I’ve pretty much put off all inside projects (for the most part) because I want to soak up all the sunshine before it goes away. 

In continuing on with my outside “fall/winterization” projects I need to pressure wash the house one more time, cut the grass shorter, weed-eat really good and fertilize the lawn with a fall/winter guard. My favorite is Scott’s Winterguard, you can pick it up at Lowe’s or Home Depot! 

Next projects on my list are clean windows, clean out rain gutters, (I’m waiting until all the leaves on the trees have fallen) get the wood stove ready and burn a creosote sweeping log in the wood stove.

Okay enough house maintenance talk…what did we do this past weekend!?!??

I already told you it was beautiful outside but I’m not sure you really understand, HOW beautiful…everything is just pretty!!!

Saturday morning the guys needed everyone’s help because we were moving calves and cows around.

The girls and I were moving the herd of dry cows down to the bottom pastures since it has so much feed for them down there and all the fences are fixed.

For the past two weeks my Dad has been fixing all the slack in the barbed wire fences and any where there may be a whole or potential to be one.

That is why so much stuff is in the back!

This was from earlier in the week when he needed my help, which I had to go through the barbed wire fence on to the other person’s property, hand me a running chainsaw and get in the most precarious stance and cut a fallen tree all while getting gored by a thorny bush! Yep…thanks Dad.

Look at all this green grass!!!

Have the herd stopped following me, they were too smart so I needed to bait them with corn silage to get the rest down. So while I waited…

Bryce was helping Jer scrape the lot and the girls and I were…

riding bikes.

Maddie is getting better and better!

She isn’t a very aggressive rider, so remembering to pedal and keep pedaling is what we are practicing. BUT she made great strides in riding without me needing to be right next to her!

Ok, now back to the corn silage.

Jer put a scoop of silage in the back of the truck and as I drove he scooped out the feed and all the cows came running. This is like candy to them, it smells sweet!!!

Happy Cows come from Missouri!

On Sunday I worked on laundry, trying to keep the house picked up and went grocery shopping.

On the drive to Springfield we stopped at a little Mexican food restaurant to try for the first time!

Jer approved!

The kids and I all got some form of enchiladas and they were good and the beans were homemade!

After this we went to Sam’s and the Walmart Grocery.

On the way back we stopped at the car wash in town and Jer pressure washed ALL the dirt off my car, hazards of living off a l-o-n-g dirt road!!!

Have a Happy Halloween, be safe and check all your candy, 🙂



  1. Kathy DeMoville
    October 31, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    Love hearing about your week and seeing everyone.

      November 1, 2016 / 10:17 am

      Thank you Aunt Kathy! I hope you all had a great Halloween!!! 🙂

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