Happy November 1st everyone!!!

My body is tired this morning…

Not because of Trick or Treating but because it was leg day at the gym yesterday!!! 

It took a little more energy to roll out of bed this morning…

Never the less, I wanted to share a few pics from last night.

#familyselfie .

This was the best I got, lol!

The girls as princesses of course! 

By the time we got home last night the girls were both saying how tired they were and Maddie hit the pillow and was out…she was d-o-n-e, done!

Who’s with me about a holiday after Halloween…or have Halloween be on a Friday or Saturday night every year!??! 



Ok, so…

Now we can officially start planning for Christmas and oh yeah, there is only 23 days till Thanksgiving!!!

Do you all have your Thanksgiving meals planned?!?

Well I know I’ve hinted to you all before that I’m already Christmas shopping and to keep track of gifts and costs I am using this FREE printable, I found on Pinterest, by Moritz Fine Designs.

Link to Holiday Gift Tracker

Another thing I’m doing this year is, I am not waiting to wrap all the presents in one night…way to overwhelming and then you just start slapping stuff together to get it done!!!

Happy November 1st to you all and see ya tomorrow!


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