Happy Tuesday y’all!!! 

Can you believe how close we are to Christmas…and next week is Thanksgiving, what!?!?

Yesterday I painted the kitchen white, will show pictures when I finish decorating and by the end of the week I will paint the laundry room/mud room the same color and decorate for Christmas. I want my Christmas decorations to be up before Thanksgiving this year so I can enjoy the weekend that follows. 🙂

This week and next week I am going to be sharing a few holiday gift guides with you! I chose to start with the guys in your life, specifically:farmers, ranchers, outdoors man, handy man, etc. you catch my drift. 🙂

These are all thing Jer uses in the winter, loves to get as gifts and can always be updated every year!

You can click on the name below to take you to a link to purchase on Amazon. 

Let’s get started…

Work Gloves

Insulated.Leather.Work. Gloves. 

What else can I say, we use these all the time to protect your hand and keep them warm when you have to work outside in the cold months. 

These are a necessity! 


Headlamps are great because most dairy man have to get outside before the sun comes up and since it’s daylight saving time, it gets dark out early when their still working…so another essential!

Also they are fun for the kid’s to have kid versions too. 🙂


Oh my gosh, a face covering beanie is a must!!! 

Jer wears his all throughout the cold months, especially when he has to ride the four-wheeler to get the cows.


Nothing says winter is coming like cold feet in boots. So right about this time you start getting your wool blend boot socks out of storage and your insulated milk boots out too.

It’s hard to work if your feet are freezing!

Coffee Cup

A good, insulated coffee cup is a must!

Helps wake you up while you are bringing in cows or starting tractors etc. Jer uses an insulated coffee cup every morning and he is due for an upgrade so…don’t be surprised if you see this honey!

Hand Cream

Something that men don’t always talk about but is in high demand in the cold months is, hand cream! Jer’s hands get so cracked and dry, mine due too, that at night you need to replenish them.

Another thing you might see in your stocking… 😉

Lip Balm

Oh Carmex…where would we be without you!??!!

Our lips and I mean ALL our lips were so chapped last year and I bought a ton of different lip products and the only one that worked the best was Carmex.

Bryce woke up one morning last year, in the winter, with his lips bleeding because they were so cracked and this one the only stuff that helped!

That is my holiday gift guide for the man in your life and I know this might not fit every one’s person but it fits a lot of mine. 

So I hoped you enjoyed friends and let me know what you think…

Talk to ya soon,


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  1. Vicki Elrod
    November 15, 2016 / 3:10 pm

    Great selection of gifts! Everyone can be used everyday during winter here in the midwest.

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