Over the weekend my family and I took our pictures for our Christmas Card and did you all know that I took them!?! Yes, you read that right…I took them and it was pretty easy! 

*Disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer.

The hardest part is keeping the kids still and happy. 🙂 

Below I am going to show you what settings my camera was set on and what steps I took to achieve this photo below.

What you need: Camera (with a self timer) & Tripod.

Step 1 – Figure out what type of pose you want your family to be in and your location.

You can find many ideas on Pinterest.

Step 2 – Have your family stand in there positions while you get your camera set right & the tripod level.

-For these pictures I used a Canon Rebel T5i with the kit lense.-

I had my camera set on {AV} with my f-stop being at f/4.0 and my ISO at 100. 

You can also keep your ISO on auto or use Manuel mode with those same settings.

*If you have a point & shoot you can set it on Portrait (that is the little face icon)*

Step 3 – Now that I got it all set, I set my timer for 10 seconds and had it take 5 pictures in a row and ran into place. Remind your people not to look at you while you are running…stay looking at the camera!

You need options! 🙂

Here was the best one out of this location & pose.

Step 4 – Editing. 

I like using Pic Monkey, it is a free online photo editing software, to adjusting the exposure & saturation. 

I don’t like over edited photos and you can easily get carried away, so I would start there. 🙂

I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and talk to you all soon!  


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