Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving weekend full of food, tight waist bands and shopping!?!?

Well I definitely enjoyed my Thanksgiving meal and ALL the leftovers! I also took advantage of some black Friday shopping, mostly last minute items I had been keeping an eye on because I knew they were going on sale that Friday but, I did it all from the comforts of my home! I’m not really into going out shopping and waiting in long lines, I think a lot of people like to do it for tradition or just to be around the whole hustle & bustle but, honestly I’m an online shopper at heart! 

99% of my shopping is done! Now I can sit back and enjoy the holidays with the family & kids, now onto the wrapping…

This Thanksgiving marked our 2nd Thanksgiving here in Missouri. While we miss being around ALL our families it was nice to have my Mom here this year, we all laughed-joked and poked fun…you know our usual, but we missed our families too!

Since I’ve been here in Missouri (all of 2 years, ha) the weather really seems to make a shift right around Thanksgiving, it starts getting COLD and this past holiday weekend was COLD!

Of course it will get colder but, this was the first “real” cold of this year.

Which also means firebox time…back to tending the fire on those cold days / weeks.

So this weekend the kids and I mostly stayed inside, watched movies, the girls played, put up Christmas decorations, Bryce & I played games, we purchased our Christmas tree and decorated, etc. 

In the hunting world it is deer season around here and what would you know…

four deer took refuge in our back pasture! 

Saturday afternoon I was helping Jer with some outside chores (feeding the heifers some buckets of silage & giving calves hay) and then Bryce and I went to hang Christmas light when Jer came out and told us to look towards the back pasture. 

Four beautiful white tail deer!

Bryce and I baked banana bread on Sunday to use up some overly ripened bananas that took the back seat this week, I just hate to throw food away!

The girls were building a Christmas puzzle I picked up at our local grocery store for $1, this was their first “little piece” puzzle.

They needed some help to get started but I assigned them both a character to build and that helped them to look for pieces!

Jer the kids and I on Saturday ventured to Lowe’s to pick up our Christmas tree. For the past 3 or 4 years we’ve purchased our tree from Lowe’s, way more cost effective than purchasing at a tree lot.

Somehow or another we are always able to fit the tree in the car, lol! 

We usually get 5 to 6 foot trees though.

Now onto our Thanksgiving…

Family Thanksgiving selfie!

Here’s all the food that was had

Mom made a beautiful and tasty turkey!

To say we were full was an understatement, we had so much delicious food!

There was a few pictures I didn’t get for whatever reason like my stuffing or “dressing”, pumpkin pies, brussel sprouts, corn, gravy.

Foil pans are key because after standing in the kitchen for the past two days the last thing I want to do is stand there and do all the dishes!

After we ate the girls went down for their naps, the boys watched some televison and 

Mom and I went outside for a brisk walk.

This is an “unofficial” tradition in my Mom’s family, we use to always go for a walk around the dairy after we all ate.

Another note about this picture is I’m wearing Bryce’s jacket, it’s a tad big for him but, we are embarking on the territory where I can fit into his jackets.

Excuse me while I go wipe my tears…lol

Then we came back from our walk and Ty & Jer had to go milk and Mom, Bryce and I played Allowance, it’s basically like Monopoly but for kids and from the Lakeshore Learning Store.

That my friends was our Thanksgiving weekend!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and now this week I will be trying to get back to my regularly scheduled program and tackling some extras like:

Mowing the lawn for the last time until spring!!!

Organizing the office and sorting through old papers.

Wrapping presents!

Laundry…does it ever end?

Taking Christmas boxes back to storage.

Putting summer clothes away


Planning out the rest of the year, which is scary how fast 2016 went!

Talk to ya soon,


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  1. riley elrod
    November 29, 2016 / 4:51 am

    Bryce and his sweater vest! #good guy alert

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