Hey everyone!!!

Happy Monday…did you all have a good weekend?!??

Our weekend was a mix of work, taking family pics, being productive, a basketball game and family time. 🙂

I actually didn’t take too many pictures this weekend, partly because I was trying to make a conscious effort to put my phone down, leave it in my room or Maddie was using it. But I still managed to snap a few to share…

I had to take this picture…I could of stayed here until the sun went down, it was absolutely beautiful!

This is right at the end of the property facing West, obviously…haha

Here is directly on the other side of the car, facing East…obviously!

Bryce, the Girls and I were on our way to drop Bryce off at basketball practice.

Saturday was the day to get our family pictures done!

As you can tell we were all done.

This was our first fam-pic with all of us dressed nice and posed, since Naomi has been with us.

I will talk more about this tomorrow…

Saturday afternoon Bryce had a game.

Jer had to work, Naomi stayed with Jer, Maddie wanted to go to my Mom and so it was just Bryce and I at basketball. His team played really well and was implementing things they’ve been practicing at practice.

Yes, this was an all girls team they played but they were pretty good!

Usually we play against all boy teams but they entered this league probably to get more competition. 

12 to 1, us.

They put up a good fight but we just outplayed them when it came to defense. Bryce was all over the court when he was playing!

Sunday came and it was chilly outside but, I finally got my pressure washing of the house done!

Last time I pressure washed the house was late Spring and it needed a good spray down again. You don’t notice until you start washing it down how dusty it was!

Now pressure washing can get marked off the list of things to do before late Fall/Winter!

I also pressure washed the front of the milk barn and my Mom pressure washed the front concrete and inside the barn walls. 

It will take a lot longer to do the inside of the barn but at least it was a start!

While the girls were resting and the Bryce and Jer were watching a movie, Mom and I went for a walk…it was so beautiful out, I couldn’t sit inside!

Yes, please excuse my hair…it was windy! 😉

Sunday night was Hallmark Christmas movie time and Bumper is my partner this year!

It is so fun to watch movies with him this Holiday season, he likes to make us hot cocoa (with a heavy hand in the mallow department) and we get cozy in my bed.

#mommysontime #oldestchildclub

That was our weekend…not too many pics to share but, I will catch you tomorrow!


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