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Weekend Wrap-Up is a little late this week but I wanted to start getting My Holiday Gift Guides up and if you haven’t already seen the suggestions for the man in your life, check it out! I know it might not be for everyone but hey…I’m not Amazon or Target producing gift guides to cover the masses, I’m letting you all know the type of stuff my peoples like! 🙂

So on to our weekend…

If you follow me on instagram then you probably know Uncle Ty built Bryce a tree house/fort and he loves it!!!

It’s Bryce’s man cave…no girls aloud for obvious reasons and because this is his.

Bryce and Uncle Ty had some nice bonding time and if you can’t tell by the way Bryce looks at him, he loves him and has looked at Ty like this since he was little!

There is no need for power or a wifi password, just simple play.

Little Nomie was grumpy and didn’t want her picture taken because I wouldn’t let her go up in the tree fort, so she decided to play below it, haha!

Saturday is basketball and Bryce played really well, he is really getting the hang of this basketball thing!

He said basketball is his favorite sport this year, which is a huge improvement from last year when he had hardly ever touched a basketball in his life!

Now he traded his basketball shoes in for milk boots…helping his Dad put the hitch back on the disc bind.

He is such a big helper to his Dad and I know will be his right hand man when he get a little older.

Another BIG task was accomplished this weekend, pressure washing the inside of the milk barn!

Mom did a great job and my Dad helped do the ceiling.

Hi Dad!

Maddie was done and Jer was handling the business. 

Bumper or lately Maddie has turned it into Bump!



I had to go help my Mom refill the gas tank in the pressure washer and I handed the camera off to Bump and he snapped some pics for me and I loved the way this one turned out!

He caught the trackhoe in action, which we rented because we are putting in some new water lines.

Jer and Maddie were unloading the silage truck and Maddie was keeping herself busy with my phone.

Wrangler butt.

That was our weekend in a nutshell!

Tomorrow I’m going to share My Holiday gift guide for the ladies in your life 🙂


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