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Hi friends! 🙂

Today I’m sharing and talking about our “Winter Cozy Beds” and the little things I do to make the kid’s feel extra special! The word “cozy” will be coming up a lot, it reminds me of my childhood and the special blankets my Grammy made for all us and still makes for the grand kids today. 

Also the word “cozy” reminds me of my Tia Rocky, who is a huge part of my life and loves cozy things! 

Taking the extra time to make your bed “cozy” as an adult is a must in my book too because, if Momma ain’t getting a good night’s sleep, no one’s gonna be getting off to a good start the next day ok!? 🙂

Sleep to me as an adult is super important, I’m not one of those people you can function on little to no sleep!

Also, I’m also a huge advocate for kids having an early bedtime and naps or I’d like to call “quiet time” if they think they are too old for naps.


Kids need their sleep and Momma needs quiet time too!

In the winter months, especially here in the Midwest, I like to make our beds extra cozy and warm by placing flannel sheets on our beds, warm blankets and extra foam mattress pad under our sheets for extra comfort!

For the kid’s beds, I am loving Target’s new line called Pillowfort, their stuff is so cute and I wish I could buy. it. all!

I’m especially loving their line of flannel sheets for kids this year!

Let me show you what our beds look like…

Polarbear Sheet Set

Here’s Maddie’s bed. It looks a little boyish but, she loves animals and wanted these Polarbears and let me tell you…her bed is ssooooo cozy and warm!

Here are the similar blankets that are on Maddie, Bryce and our beds, the exact style we have aren’t available anymore. They are by Eddie Bauer, right now they are 50% off and these will be blankets you will keep for years! 

Sherpa Reversible Blanket

Here’s another blanket that would be good too and would make the kid’s beds cozy!

Here’s Bryce’s bed! 

His sheets are no longer available but if I had to buy him new ones, which I probably will next year I would probably get him these

Evergreen Holiday Flannel Sheet Set

Evergreen Holiday Flannel Sheet Set

something a little more mature.

Forest Plush Blanket

Here’s a nice throw blanket that Bryce would love too!

Here’s Naomi’s little cozy toddler bed!

Bryce & Maddie slept in this bed and now Naomi is proud of her little cozy bed. 🙂

Her nic name is Nomie and when I was looking online for flannel toddler sheets, I found this cute flannel woodland Gnome one!

Garden Gnomes Flannel Crib/Toddler Bed Sheet

It was perfect and I ordered it right away!

But when she is older and has a twin size bed, I think she would love this combination. 

Girly-girl things catch her eye… 

Penguin Flannel Sheet Set

Pink Sherpa Reversible Blanket

The cute flannel penguin sheets and this pink Sherpa blanket would suit Naomi’s taste for sure!

On our bed we have these flannel sheets from Eddie Bauer that I picked up from Sam’s Club and the comforter as well! Eddie Bauer makes nice bedding for adults, it’s so soft and cozy!

But if I had to pick out another pair to have, I would pick these…

Evergreen Holiday Flannel Sheets

these are from Target and I love the simplicity of them!


Now some other cute things at Target to make their beds cozy and fun are these little stuffed animal-throw blanket buddies!

Throw & Pillow Buddy

I also got a little note from Santa letting me know he is bringing these cute & cozy sleeping bags for the kids this Christmas! 

Convertible Sleeping Bags

These convertible sleeping bags are on sale (this week) at Target for $13.99!

Convertible Sleeping Bags

Good Job Santa, love your taste!

And that my friends is how The Mehaffey’s make our beds cozy for the cold winter months.

If anything I hope this post gave you some great idea or inspiration on how to make your own beds cozy and fun for the holidays!


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    Love all the coziness

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