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Today I’m bringing you something a little different and it’s on budgeting for Christmas. I would say Jarret and I are pretty good at budgeting our money but always have room for improvement. This coming year we  wanted to try something different and I thought now would be a good time since Christmas was just a few days ago and it’s never to early to start saving for next year, right!?! ☺

Now I know you may be thinking, oh my gosh I don’t want to even think about spending for Christmas next year…I haven’t even paid off what I just charged up. Well next year you can enjoy the holidays with out charging and start saving in the new year!!!

I’m also going to share with you all what we spent on gifts/misc. for this year. (2016)

So this year Jarret and I decided to do something different!

We decided to only get the kids 4 gifts-ish.

1. Something they need.

2. Something they want.

3. Something to wear.

4. Something to read.

The “ish” comes in because we gave each of them 4 books, and both the girl got boots, but Maddie also needed shoes, but this was the reference we stayed with and we had a great Christmas!

Now when Jarret and I set up a budget this year for Christmas I honestly didn’t know how much we were going to spend, but I just threw the $1,000 figure out towards gifts because in the past we had always spent more. This was also the first year we set up a budget for Christmas too!

How many of you set up a budget for Christmas?

Here’s what we budgeted and here’s what we spent…

 (Here’s the Budget worksheet I used, from PennyPinchinMom.com)

We came in Under Budget by $13.00!!!

Like I said before, this was the first year we actually set up a budget and next year we want to add more in a few areas and add a few categories like, taking the kids to the Polar Express Train ride.

For all of us to go the tickets will be around $250, so let’s start saving! I also want to spend less on Christmas cards and account for postage that costs to send presents out of state.

Now some may want to spend $2,000 of $1,500 because you have more people to buy for or just want to spend more and that’s all good or you may not even need to budget because you got it like that!


But if you want a yearly savings plan, here are a few I found on Pinterest. 

This one is from HelloPrettyBird.com

This is from allthisbs.com


Depending on your budget there’s a few to pick from and here’s my Pinterest board with more.







I hope you found this helpful and if you have any tips on saving for the holidays let me know!


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