Hey friends!

As I’m typing, it is currently 18° with a real feel of 10°!!! 


It’s about 4:15 in the morning and I just got done adding more wood to the fire.  Jer heard me in the wood room while he was walking from the feed room to the milk barn, so he helped me split a few dry logs to add into the fire box. Now I’m sitting in front of my laptop at the kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee, ahhh! 🙂

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who read my blog post about my Grandma Karen, the comments, the prayers, the texts, thank you…it meant a lot! Out of respect I didn’t post yesterday on my Blog or Instagram and decided to share today because I know she would of wanted me to keep posting, blogging and sharing! 

So here we go Grandma… 🙂

Tuesday Jer and I started boarding up the calf barn windows and tarping off the doors. You don’t want to board the windows completely up because you still need ventilation, but this will help keep a little more warmth in there as well as keeping the drafts down. 

My Dad cut all the boards last winter and in the spring when I took them down, we stored them in the calf barn for next year. This year all we had to do was collect some screws and get the boards down!

Here’s a door into the calf barn that no one uses because right behind there is a calf crate. In the summer months we have that door open for ventilation, but in the winter I like to tarp it with extra ag-bag we have on hand and cut it to size.

It may not be pretty but, this really helps. 

You can see here we did the same thing! 

Tarped the door and boarded the windows. Here you may notice the boards are going the other way and there’s a reason for that! On these 4 windows there is a glass framed window behind there that can be slid side to side. So on a particularly warm day in January for example, we can slide them open and get some fresh air in there. 

While Jer and I were working on the calf barn, Naomi was already home from school. She wanted to stay inside because she said it was too cold outside for her, which it was pretty chilly! Naomi ate her lunch, colored in an workbook she found and enjoyed the warmth. 🙂

Back to the wood box.

I wanted to show you this little wood splitter my Dad bought a while back!

You place a log down in the splitter.

Crank the two handles back and forth while that little foot keeps pushing the log towards the wedge on the other end.

Easy right!?


Later that night I took the kids to go look at Christmas lights around town.

The picture is crooked, I tried to take it while driving by but, this is my brother Ty’s house.

His lights looked nice and bright!

This is a house right across from my brother’s house with a cool lights display!

The kids loved it!

There weren’t too many lights to see in our small town so we drove around a little more and headed back towards the dairy, lol.

Here’s Bryce & Maddie all bundled up and heading into school! 🙂

Well my friends that is a little bit of my life lately…

I’ll see you tomorrow where I’m going to share what’s going into my kid’s stockings!?!?

See ya tomorrow,


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