Happy Friday Friends & Fam, today is the last day of school and then we are on Winter Break! 

By today I wanted to have all the kid’s Christmas presents wrapped and well that didn’t happen and that’s ok, I will just have to do covert wrapping sessions in my room, lol. 🙂 

Did I tell you that on Sunday or was it Monday…I was opening all the boxes we’d been receiving to make sure we received everything we ordered and came to find out I forgot to order Maddie’s “toy” type presents!?!? YAY so, when I went to my cart on Amazon to hurry up and order, most were sold out and not in till the week of Christmas and I didn’t want to take that risk so, after I dropped of all the kids at school, I hurried my butt down to Target! #Targetforthewin 

Sidenote: Have you all been using the CartWheel app from Taget? I saved over $10 dollars!!! #justsayin

For today’s Friday Favorites, I am highlighting some of my current favorites this week. 

I’ve been ranting on this for weeks but, it is cold & dry here right now and all of our skin is feeling it!

So to help the kids and Bryce’s poor eczema, I’ve been making my own little mixture.

Using Honest Company’s Healing Balm and

baby lotion! 

In the summer I will use my special mix but, this weather is calling for balm.

First I put a few pumps of lotion on my hands and then a good portion of healing balm!

Now I have to mention my portions of lotion to balm ratio really depends on which kid I’m putting lotion on.

This example was Maddie’s, her skin isn’t so dry and I can use more lotion.

Naomi’s skin is kind of on the dry side so I use more equal parts lotion to balm.

Bryce’s skin runs on the very dry side so his is almost always more balm to lotion and on his eczema I put only the balm. 

Now I mix it up with my hands to warm it because no one likes cold lotion! 

I’ve shared a recipe before with lotion, coconut oil & Aquaphor healing ointment that I use on the kids in late Spring, Summer & early Fall and it would still work good if you live in not so cold climate or your skin isn’t in need of heavy moisture!  

Click to see the recipe here!

On to body wash, the girls are using Aveeno and  

and also

Dove body wash. Bryce uses this one mostly.

Shampoo: Maddie uses mine (so much hair), Naomi uses the bodywash/shampoo and Bryce uses Head & Shoulders for Men! 🙂

On the supplement front… 

We switched to these vitamins a few months ago by OLLY. I buy them at our local Taget.

Before we were using Zarbees and our store stopped caring them and on Amazon they weren’t prime so by-by Zarbees!

And I like that they have the added probiotic.

As an immunity supplement they have been taking these by OLLY as well KIDS Mighty Immunity.

Anything to help combat cold & flu season!!!

Those are my favorite kid’s products that we’ve been religiously using.

Have a GREAT Friday and enjoy the weekend, talk to you Monday!!!  


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