December 30, 2016


Hey Friends and Family, how's your Friday going!?! 

The kids only have a few days left of winter break and yesterday I took them to an indoor bounce house to get energy out and stay active. 
Since the weather is cold here, we are limited of what activities we can do outside and the indoor bounce house was the perfect place!

Before I start this post I also wanted to mention, this will be my last post of 2016 and 
my 500th blog post!!!

Some may be like, wooohooo-party time...and others maybe be like woopty-doo, haha, never the less that is a big milestone for me!☺

Ok, so today I'm sharing with you the Highlights of 2016, according to the READERS! These are some of my favorites too, and also a highlight reel of this year; what everyone wanted to read.

(The title on the bottom of each picture will take you to that particular post)


Goals, everyone likes to hear what other people's goals are for the coming year!

Who doesn't love a snow day!


Adopting was big news and also a huge event in our lives!

The cash envelope system, who doesn't love budgeting and trying to save money!


Ultimate healing cream is perfect for the cold winter months, when everyone's hands, feet, knees and elbows are super dry!

The day Naomi came to our family was a major day for us and what you all liked too!


This was the first year I started linking up with other bloggers to do fun-silly posts!

My everyday makeup favorites! I'm still loving my Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara by Tarte!


I love reading Day in the Life posts, so I'm not surprised you all did too!

Stranded with Books, another fun readers favorite!


Our one year anniversary from moving from California to Missouri, a HUGE life event in our family!

Dairy life is always a fun one and I love sharing about our life on the farm too!


What's up Wednesday was a new link up I did with a whole bunch of other bloggers!

Maddie turning 6 was a big birthday for her, she's a big girl now!


Riley's wedding and going back to California!

Meal Planning is a must!


Naomi's 6 month anniversary of being apart of our family!

This was a fun one.


It was so much fun having my Sister and her family out visiting...I just love Holly & Jer-Jer!


This was a FUN trip, my Mom and I visiting the Pioneer Woman's store in Pawhuska, OK!


By NO MEANS was this a highlight for anyone but, a lot of people read this blog post. My Grandma loved reading my blog and since I wasn't able to attend her funeral, this was my tribute to her! 💖

I hope you all liked seeing what you all loved reading about in 2016. 

What a way to round out 2016, but with a highlight reel and my 500th blog post!

Talk to you all next year!


  1. Definitely a year that was a big one in Naomi's, Maddie, Bryce and our family's lives. Sending end of the year love and hugs, and Happy New Year wishes to all of you there!


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