Happy Friday everyone!!!

This week flew by, to the point where yesterday, I had to keep reminding myself that tomorrow was Friday!

Do you all have those weeks where you think to yourself, how did I get here…and what did I do this week!?! Yeah it’s been like that!!!

On a happy note my Erin Condren Planner for next year showed up!!! Yay! 🙂

I chose a different style than I usually do and I think I’m going to love it…

Will share more about it next week!

The last part of my gift guide wasn’t really planned, it occurred to me earlier in the week that I should share what my kiddos are getting in their stockings this year. 

Last year I totally forgot to buy the kids stocking stuffers and was at Target on Christmas Eve, (which isn’t a good idea,haha) trying to rummage through, with all the other last-last minute people! This year I bought the kid’s stuff early.

I’m going to start with the girls!

You know when you have two girls that are pretty close in age, it’s best to get both of them the same things, right?!? Can anyone else relate…

The girls are big time into coloring right now and these two coloring books fold over just enough to slide into the stockings.

Candy…candy is a must! The chocolate is for Maddie and the Skittles are for Naomi since she detests chocolate.

Slipper Socks that I found in the Target Dollar Spot for $3 bucks! If you don’t have slippers, socks or shoes on your feet, your feet get cold! 

Little Toys, this year the rage with the girls are Shopkins and I thought these little blind-bags would be perfect to fit in the toes of the stocking!

Last but not least…it wouldn’t be one of my stockings if it didn’t have a new toothbrush!!!

Those are Maddie & Naomi’s stocking stuffers this year. 🙂

Onto what Bryce is getting…

Now that he is getting older and reminds me constantly that he is a big guy, his stocking starts to look a lot more practical, haha! 

Candy, all kids (and adults) like candy, so I think I’m still safe there! 🙂

Gum, Bryce LOVES gum just like his Dad.

Socks, because Bryce doesn’t like to wear slippers or slipper socks.

And of course a new Toothbrush!

I know…kind of boring right, but there was two things not in the picture that I forgot. A new stick of deodorant and a can of body spray! Oh does Bryce love body spray! 😉

I’m not sure if this is so much a holiday gift guide or a show & tell, ha, but this is what is going to be in their stockings! I hope you enjoyed and it gave you some ideas…


Today I’m planning on getting my Christmas Cards out in the mail!

Tomorrow Bryce has 2 basketball games and they are not back to back so, Bryce and I will have to kill a little time together! #mommysontime

Sunday I’m planning on baking some gingerbread cookies with the kiddos 

and possibly driving to look at more Christmas lights!?

I know this weekend will go by quickly so I want to try and enjoy this Mehaffey Moments! 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend and talk to you Monday,


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