Today I planned on sharing my Friday Favorites with a spotlight on products I’m loving for the kids right now but, I didn’t quite get it together because 1) I had a headache yesterday afternoon and 2) I watched Christmas Vacation with Bryce & Jer and gave myself an early bedtime! 🙂
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So I titled this post The Nudge.

Do you all know what “the nudge” is?!?

It’s when you get that feeling to act on something but you aren’t sure if you should or not…
It may keep popping up in your head and you may keep talking it down or it may push you out of your comfort zone too much so you drop it and miss the sign to act.

Well I acted on a nudge I felt and I acted quicker than I thought!

It took me out of my comfort zone, made be feel nervous, vulnerable, had me emotional and I’m glad I did it.

Before I acted, I let Jer know what I was thinking and a few others that this was something I was going to do and at first they were surprised but new, this is what I needed.

 Not only did I need it to set myself free but, after all was said and done, I think the other person may of needed it more than me. So maybe “the nudge” I was feeling from God wasn’t at all for me but maybe, “the nudge” was more to help the other person and intern it would heal me too…

So not getting too deep, I just want to tell you all if you feel a Nudge for you to do something that will push you outside of your comfort zone, DO IT!
You will never grow as a person unless you get yourself out of your box.
Step out, be vulnerable!

If you have a feeling to call someone, text someone, meet with someone, do-it!

You may just be surprised… 🙂

Moving on people!

(Now I will get off my soapbox, haha)

Yesterday was December 1st, the first day we get to start opening paper doors and eating the little chocolates in our advent calendars.

The kids were so excited!

I didn’t let them see the ones I picked out for them til yesterday and they loved them!

Bryce loved that he got Avengers!

Maddie said she got the same one as Cookie Swirl C, her favorite YouTuber,


Naomi wasn’t sure of this tradition of opening doors but soon caught on with excitement! 

The whole 25 days of Christmas Schedule and more!

Last night Christmas Vacation was on and then after was The Santa Claus, two classics in my book.

Bryce, Jer and I watched Christmas Vacation and I recorded the Santa Claus to watch tonight!

I’m loving the Christmas movie season… 🙂

Have a great Friday, t.g.i.f. and sorry for getting too deep but hey, this is where I share-so I shared!

Have a Great Weekend,


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  1. riley elrod
    December 2, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    Loving that Maddie has a favorite you tuber lol.. so cute

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