Happy Monday Peoples, this week is going to be COLD for us!!!

By Thursday the low will be around 12℉ with the windchill bringing it down into the single digits; so today and tomorrow we’ll be preparing for the arctic blast that’s headed for the Midwest!

Over the weekend Jer’s main goal was to cut wood, like a whole truck load of wood because we were running out and we didn’t want to start burning the furniture! 

#kidding #maybe #youneverknow

My main goal this weekend since Bryce didn’t have a game was to help Jer pick up wood, make the gingerbread houses with the kids, laundry, stay warm, wrap some presents and do a deep cleaning of the girls room. I can only take all the toys in the wrong bins for so long, lol! #controlfreak

Read on to see more…

This was us girls, on the John Deere Gator, headed down to the bottom pastures to see the boys cutting wood!

Naomi is wearing a hat that Maddie bought at their school’s Santa’s Workshop. They love these hats, as much as I don’t care for them, they love them and it keeps them warm, it’s a blue Angry Bird!

Maddie is holding her vTech Smart Watch my Aunt Teri bought her this past Christmas, she wanted to take some pictures and play the few games that are on there. She loves that thing and I totally recommend it as a gift!

This is what she’ll say, “Mom…have you seen my smart watch?!?” lol

Dang-girl, Momma doesn’t even have a smart watch, haha!

Bryce loved spending time with the guys!

Those logs were heavy!

I would say, mission accomplished but, all the wood is still in the back of Jer’s truck…

So guess who’s going to be stacking today…

Picking out what tree to fall next,

and the tree has fell!

The girls were cold and wanted to go back to the house.

If you are not moving or working, the cold gets to you quick, especially when you are little and for some reason this long strip of pasture is always way colder than up top!

When we got back to the house, over head was a huge flock of geese flying, you could here them all honking. The flock is probably migrating south to get away from the Arctic Blast that was coming their way!

Now onto the Gingerbread Houses, the highlight of the kid’s weekend!!!

I bought these on Tuesday I believe and they have been asking me since then, “Can we make them now!??!” My plan was for them to make them on the weekend and that’s what we did!

I purchased the Wilton’s pre-built gingerbread house from Walmart for about $8.

It’s so much easier to do the pre-built with young ones. Bryce probably could of done the constructing one but, he wouldn’t of wanted to wait while the girls were getting to decorate already!

The girls had the “town houses” and Bryce had the original house.

The town houses reminded me of more Candy Land themed and the original house was more traditional.

I had a little string of battery operated lights I strung around for display factor. 🙂 

In between all that, keeping the home fires burning is a job!

You always have to be feeding the fire box, stoking the fire, add more wood, stoking, turning, but you know what…it makes you appreciative the warmth in a house.

For dinner I made…

The Pioneer Woman’s, Hamburger Soup!

Instead of ground beef I used ground turkey, I’m on a total ground turkey kick, anytime ground beef is called for, you better expect to get turkey! 🙂

I want to raise turkeys now, so we can produce our own ground turkey!

This pot was full to the brim and by the next morning there was maybe a bowl full left…this will be recurring on the menu this week. 

The kids love to eat the soup with a little stack of Ritz crackers on the side. 🙂

While the girls and I were cleaning, organizing and purging some toys, we listened to Children’s Christmas Radio on Pandora! It made the cleaning process a little more enjoyable.

Next thing I need to do in their room is go through their clothes, donate and put all the summer clothes away! #spacebags

That my friends was our weekend!!!

This week I’m looking to:

Prepare for the cold.

Go to the gym 3 times this week.

Drink a lot of water!

Stay caught up on laundry…and put it away! 🙁

Mail out my Christmas cards.

Wrap more presents.

Go through the kid’s clothes.


Stack the whole truck load of wood!

Wish me luck, have a great Monday,



  1. Heather Palmer
    December 6, 2016 / 4:36 am

    Good luck! I love ground turkey too ��

  2. Kathy DeMoville
    December 7, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    Yummy! I'll have to try that soup recipe.

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