Happy Monday People 🙂

I don’t have anything planned today because this weekend legit flew-by!

These are a few things I did accomplish:

Everyone was fed, bathed and wearing clean clothes!

Laundry, I did a lot of Laundry and folded and put away! (What!?!?)

Wrapped a few presents!

Girls room is clean…or it was…

Managed to get groceries for the week!

I would say those are small victories!

Here are 4 random pictures…

We have a very, very small town grocery store but, it is part of a bigger chain that has really big nice grocery stores in the bigger cities. I’m talking fancy, lol!

This ain’t no Walmart grocery store either!

Bryce had about an hour and a half between one of his games and next store was a Price Cutter with an Sbux inside…oh yeah, we fancy now!!!

So I went to get a hot chocolate, it was barely 20° outside and I had never pushed around one of their big grocery stores. OMG I was like a kid in a candy store!!! 🙂 If you are a home-cook like me and can appreciate a nice grocery store then, you know what I’m talking about! 

I called Jer while I was standing in front of this display expressing my love over their displays and isles, he laughed and said we’ve been in the sticks too long, haha!

Bryce even made the comment that this store is so fancy!?!?!! 🙂

6 hours at a basketball tournament and Jer & I managed to pull it off!

Luckily when Bryce & I left the house at 9 a.m., Jer had most of his stuff done and would have a good chunk of the day to be with the girls until the afternoon. By the time his last game was over the girls were with Jer in the barn and when I got close he took the girls in the house, put Peppa on and then I pulled in a few minutes later.

Juggling…that’s what involved parents do right!?? We made it work and that is what has to be done when you have very limited resources when it comes to babysitting and family. 

Sunday the kids, Jer and I went grocery shopping at an actual Super Walmart. I usually like the Walmart “Grocery Store” but, since Maddie has a pajama party at school on Friday, we decided to kill 2 birds with one stone.

It was crazy town in there!!!

Here’s their pajamas…

They are kind of silly and over the top but hey, you’re only a kid once.

Have a great Monday, the beginning of a new week!


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