Happy Friday Friends!

How’s it going for ya? We are currently under a winter “ice storm” warning and oh boy did the temperature drop through out the day yesterday. Every time I came out of a store from running errands yesterday it was getting colder and colder and icy feeling! With this warning in effect school was canceled for today and my kids get to enjoy another Friday at home! They are lucking out 🙂

I thought today would be perfect to share a few things we’ve been loving since I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in almost a month, gasp!


Here we go:

An RTIC Tumbler is a must have, it is waaaaaayyy cheaper than a Yeti cup and works great! In the morning I fill it with ice and water and through out the day I keep filling it up with more and more water and the ice is all still there, not even melted, just keeping the water cold! 

This is a WOW-Kid’s Cup by NUK and it is amazing, the girls both have one and they never spill!!! That is what it is known for and it all comes apart and is dishwasher safe, if you have a toddler or young kid, you need one of these in your life. I picked them up at our local Target, Walmart might have them and Amazon is currently sold out :(, sorry!

*(If you go to Target to look for them, they are not in the baby area! They are in the kitchen/ dish area where the sell reusable adult water bottles, and kids character plates.)

If you are hummus fans like we are then you are going to love…

Pita Pal’s Hummus!!! Our local Sam’s Club started carrying it, I bought it to give it a try and O-M-G we are in love! It is so smooth and creamy, perfect with carrots or my kid’s favorite, Wheat Thins.

It’s not the best picture but these are my best friends!!! The Cascade Platinum dishwasher tabs are the best. I’ve tried other brands or the cheaper versions from Cascade but, nothing cleans the dishes better than these bad boys.

Happy Friday Friends, that was my short and sweet Friday Favorites and I talk to you all Monday!

Have a great weekend,


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