Happy New Year friends and family!!!

How many of you stayed up past midnight? Well you can probably imagine at this point in my life sleep was more important to me because the girls are still going to wake up at 6:30 in the a.m., Jer has to work early the next morning and on New Years Eve, I clocked more than 15,000 steps! My Mom and I also stacked almost a full cord of wood! #partypooper

Today is the last day the kids are home for “winter break”, you know because they can’t call it Christmas break… As much as I love my kids and like them home, Momma is ready for them to get back to school and play with their friends and give me a little break! When they are home for the summer it’s different, there is so much we can do, but in the winter we are limited by the weather! We did some fun stuff though and by doing research, I found a lot more fun things to do around here.

So with this being my first post of the 2017 what better way to kick it off than with a little Life Lately!

This Christmas has been all about the Fitbit for Bryce and I. I’ve always worn a Fitbit but, over the summer mine broke and I never replaced it until now. 

About a week before Christmas, Bryce mentioned to me that he would like a Fitbit to track his steps, help keep him active and try n’ get into better shape for basketball, as an active Mom-I was all over that!!! Since I had spent all the money I budgeted for him on presents, I decided to return a like priced item that was frivolous and get him the fitness tracker/watch. 

Bryce has the Charge HR 2 and I have the Alta!

This watch has been so great for Bryce and keeping him mindful!

 He loves to check his steps, heart rate and set little timers!


Bryce had spent the night at Grandma’s the night before so, Jer and I decided to take the girls to the Pizza Hut buffet for lunch for a little special time. Did you know that kids eat free with a paid adult lunch buffet…we made out like bandits there, haha!

Although the whole time they asked about Bumper and that they missed him.

Can’t live with him, can’t live without him… ☺

On the way back through we picked up Bump from Grandma’s and took the kids to the park for about 10-15 minutes.

The kids got energy out and

enjoyed the sunshine.

Jarret even wore his going out slippers!

On the days we’ve had good sunny 50° weather, I’ve been kicking the kids out and all they want to do is swing!

They love this swing and swinging together I might add.

 That swing was one of the best investments this past summer!

On one of the days the wind was blowing and cold, so I thought that would be a good day for the indoor bounce house and it was perfect.

The kids loved the obstacle course one! 

Since we went on a week day in wasn’t packed at all.

Bryce was proud of how many steps he had while playing at the bounce house!

Another day we had full sun and it was perfect for the sandbox!

We dumped a new bag of sand in and off they went playing.

See those cute hats the girls are wearing? Those are in the dollar spot in Target for $3 bucks, so cute!

When the girls took naps, Bryce & I played two games of Sorry!; he loves that game.

Later my parents pulled up in the dump truck and surprised me with a dump truck full of wood!

Dry wood I might add…

Only people with wood stoves that keep their houses warm that way can appreciate that, lol!!!

Now to stack all that…

(My Mom and I did all that stacking the next day.)

The next morning Jer, Ty, my Dad and I worked all together to herd check about 50 cows.

Jer is our resident vet and he’s pretty good too!

My job was to work the cattle shoot, write the information down and make new tags for any girl that had lost an ear tag! Yes, women can handle more than one task…everyone else had one task, haha!

You can imagine where that glove goes!?!?

We also moved some older calves to a different pen so they could get under shelter during this cold snap that is coming!

Later that day the kids enjoyed more swinging in the sun!

They love Brother pushing them.

My Bumper-Boy!

Not sure what we are going to do to celebrate our last day of break but, Maddie wasn’t feeling well yesterday and it was raining early this morning so we will have to see…

It was nice sharing a little life lately and talk to you all soon,


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