Hi All…Happy Thursday!

How’s everybody’s week shaping up?!? 

Mine has been a little catch-up and a little winter preparation. The last two days have been unbelievably warm, like it felt like Spring warm and it was kind of weird because we are supposed to get a bad storm in the next day or so. Today after I drop the kids off at school I’m going to go to the grocery store and stock up on food for the weekend, get extra batteries just in case the power goes out and get my hair cut. Not that I’m preparing my hair for the storm or anything, I’ve just had this appointment on the books for awhile, ha. 🙂

I might be a little late to the party but, I’m also putting together a little winter-roadside kit in the back of my car. It’s never too late to prepare right!? When I have it all together I will share, very soon!

Lately the wind has been blowing pretty good and it has made the cloud formations beautiful!

I love when the sky looks like this…

The guys have also been trying to haul extra hay and silage into the dairy just in case the storm is as bad as they are predicting. 

The warmer temps and wind melted all the snow so this was the perfect time to check all the pasture fences, since we hadn’t been able to get down to some of the lower pastures with out getting stuck.

Side note: All the fences were fine! 

I also wanted to share this little Crock Pot I picked up around Christmas time!

I thought the 4.5 Qt. would be too small but I actually love this size and it has been working perfectly and I highly suggest that you buy the slow cooker liners, they are a life saver.

I also ordered one of those light up phone cases, I’ll let you know how I like it!?!

Here’s a test picture. 🙂

The other evening I went up stairs to check on the girls because it was just too quiet and they were actually behaving and playing with their Leap Frog Leap Starts, lol, you never know when it gets quiet you wonder what they are getting into. 

Yesterday I went and stocked up on wood for the fire box (the way our house is heated), we haven’t been burning wood for the last couple of days and wanted to stay ahead on our inventory!

We’ve gotten behind before and it’s not fun…

This was last night’s sunset, reminds me of summer!

And if you read my post about 5 Things You May Not Know About Me, then you know I’m trying to read a fiction based novel and this is the one I chose. 

We will see, wish me luck! 

She has so many beach reads and I wanted something still winter like so this is the one I picked based on reviews.

And here’s a book that I can’t wait to come out!!!

I’ve watched her on YouTube for years and she is coming out with a book in March, yay!

This satisfies my non-fiction heart!💖


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