Good Morning from this cold winter-wonderland! 

Yesterday we woke to a winter wonderland of snow and it made everything look beautiful!!!

The meteorologists were calling for snow on Thursday but when they were showing the map, it looked like majority of the snow would be in the counties above us, so I figured we would just get a dusting like last time. The last few snows it had snowed over night, well this one continued on snowing all day and the kids just loved it!

But…you know what this much snow means on a school day…

…an automated call from school letting you know school is canceled!!! 

Ahhhh…these kiddos are lucky, first 3 weeks off and 2 canceled days because of snow…lord help me!

I volunteered to drive the school bus, heh… it’s just a little snow, it’ll be fine!?! lol ☺

#justkidding We had a great day!

After breakfast we suited up and went outside to play!

Maddie was pretending she was a chinchilla. Always an animal… 🙂

Naomi was off in the distance with Jer feeding buckets of grain to the heifers. She loves to help Dad feed the calves, can you see her!?   

And Bryce was swinging! 

He loves that swing…rain, snow, sunny, humid…you name it, he loves to swing!

The drive out. 

The dogs were enjoying the snow and Bat-Bat was trying to give Maddie a hug!

 The three amigos!

As you can tell, Naomi was trying to catch some snow flakes!

Momma and Baby.

The kids had found sticks and were writing in the snow.

After everyone was done playing, I sat the girl on the deep freezer and let them rehydrate with a little Capri Sun, while I stoked the fire and added more wood.

Capri Suns always hit the spot for my family!

Another thing that hit the spot after playing in the snow was a bowl of Chicken n’ Dumplin soup!!!

The recipe for Chicken n’ Dumplin soup that I went off of is here!

I adapted it a little bit but for the most part, this is the recipe I used. It’s so easy, filling, comforting and delicious.

After our hearty lunch, the girls went down for their naps, Jer took his nap and Bryce and I set out to get our steps in with a little winter wonderland walk!

It was only 19° and snowing but, Bryce and I are determined to lead an active life and the best way is to lead by example.

Harley was ready to go!

These friends were looking at Bryce and I walking by thinking, who are these 2 crazy people walking outside right now!?!

When we came back from our walk Bryce was going to relax and watch some t.v. and I baked some cookies.

You guys…it’s is so hard for me to sit still, I have a problem!?!?

These are Orange Citrus Sugar Cookies, they are so good and Easy!

Here’s the recipe:

1 package Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix

1 Stick Butter (softened)

1 Tablespoon Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (heaping)

1 Egg

1 Tablespoon Orange Zest (heaping)

Baking sheet & Parchment paper. 

Bake at 375 for about 7 to 8 minute, rotate halfway through.

Baking instructions are also on the back of the sugar cookie package. 

That was our snow first of two snow days!!!

Have a great day friends and see you all Monday, 


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