Yay, Happy Monday Friends & Family!

Friday afternoon and a good portion of Saturday the SUN was out!!! It had been over a week since the sun had come out and it was so dreary, cold and fogging for almost 8-9-10 days…I’m not sure, all I know is that I needed the sun, ha!

Saturday morning we had a beautiful sunrise (the first in a long time) and as soon as I was done with my house chores, I opened all the doors on my car and emptied out the trash bag full of trash, water bottles, school papers, gloves, etc.! It was a spring cleaning for the car, now it just needs a good vacuum…

On Friday afternoon I walked to go get the kids off the bus and it felt like Springtime outside,

it was a little glimmer of what it will be like in a month or two and I can’t wait! 

There’s the bus!

Bryce earned enough points in class to spend the last two hours of school swimming at the local YMCA and he loved it! (Hence the sandals)

This boy loves to swim!!! He’ll always be the first one that wants to go swimming and the last one to get out…as long as he has his goggles. ☺

Saturday morning rolled around and we were outside playing… 

of course the first thing they went to was the circle swing!

They loved when Bryce got back with Jer because that meant Bryce would push them and they could just sit and enjoy!

The girl’s hats are from the Dollar Spot in Target.

Not too much happened this weekend, in winter around here, everything slows down due to the weather and there’s not much you can do about it.

Some of the things that did happen:

I premade breakfast burritos and put them in the freezer.

Premade 4 dinners and put them in the freezer.

  Jer, Bryce and I watched Magnificent 7 while the girls took their naps.

I finished another book, what?!? (setting out 30 mins a day for reading) #newyearsgoal

The girls played…and that’s about it!

Here’s to the week ahead, Have a great Monday!


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