CALIFORNIA TRIP (Only Jarret and I)

Hey all!!!

Long time no post right!?! Well Jarret and I got back Sunday afternoon from a whirlwind trip to California for Jarret to see all of his family. This trip was so much fun and went by way too fast. This was Jarret and I’s first time ever going anywhere of distance without the kids!!! 

Remember part of our new years goals was to go on a trip together at least once a year sans kids? Well when Jer and I were deciding where to go, we decided to go back to California for the fact that he hadn’t seen any of his family in over a year and a half!!! That is a long time.

So this trip was all about Jarret and his family. Which the kids and I have come back a few times but it has always had to do with my family, but this time is was all about Jarret!

One little sidenote to add was his Dad didn’t know we were coming to visit…it was a surprise to him. 

Two days before we left I was starting to feel like I was getting a head cold and yep, I did get a head cold and day 3 was on the plane…not fun!

I tried to be discrete when blowing my nose or not being able to breathe, lol. ☺  

Jarret’s one request and all he talked about for a month was as soon as he got off the plane the first thing he was doing was going to the nearest Del Taco. 

He misses Del Taco because they don’t have them here in the Midwest and that’s all he could think about!

Since our time was very very limited for visiting with my family, my Sister surprised us at the airport with the kids and we all went to Del Taco together.

Holly reminded me of a little mastermind in this pic, like I got you guys now, haha.

After we ate some lunch we made our way to surprise Jarret’s Dad!

Jarret’s Dad was SSSOOOOOOO surprised and taken back. It was such a memorable moment for Jarret, his Dad and Mom.

The next morning was our chance to go make our rounds and stop in and visit with family for a little bit. We didn’t stay anywhere long since we were limited on time and for the mere fact that my head felt like the size of a balloon.

This pic was of my Grandma’s flower beds, she always has little figurines decorating them.

A picture of a picture, Bryce was so young here.

We stopped in to visit one of our past employees who worked for us for a long time at our old dairy and still continues to work there, now for the new occupant. 

Jarret and I walked around for a little bit but we both felt sort of sad, not because we wished we were still there but because it was like watching someone live in your childhood home, we have so many memories here. This is where Bryce came home from the hospital as a newborn, this is where Jarret learned how to dairy, this is where Jer and I got married, this is where we all shed blood, sweat and tears to be where we are. 

This dairy was a HUGE chapter in our lives!!!

Julio and his brother worked for us the longest out of everyone, they are like family, so we cruised in to see if he was there and for Jer to say hi!

After we went to go see my Grandpa but unfortunately he wasn’t home. But to be fair he didn’t know we were coming, we were just going to pop in and surprise him. Next time!

After we made our quick rounds we headed back for Jarret’s parent’s house because they wanted to take him out for a nice meal at a really good Mexican restaurant that they love.

The next morning Jer was going to help his Dad and Riley had a few hours before work so she brought the kids out and I picked everyone up donuts.

We don’t have a donut shop near by so it was a nice treat.

Hi Jer Jer, I miss seeing him…

and Holly, she is becoming such a cute and funny little thing!

 Saturday Jarret’s Mom planned a big get together for all of her family to see Jer before we headed back the next morning.

There was no shortage of family that’s for sure and Jarret had the best time catching up!

Jarret’s Aunt, a few of his cousins and our niece and nephew!


Jarret’s sister Krista and our nephew, he had just got done with his first bike race!

One of the main reasons why Jarret wanted to come to California was because he wanted to see his Grandparents!

Jarret’s Uncle, cousin, grandpa and best friend!

Uncle, cousins, grandpa and dad!

Here’s a group shot from Saturday night, I didn’t get a good picture on my phone so I took a screen shot from Buffie’s lol!

I need to get this one sent to me!

By the time we went to bed, I think Jer and I slept for about 3 hours and had to get up at 3 a.m. to catch our flight and return our rental car….

Tired doesn’t even begin to explain it, I felt hungover and I didn’t even drink, lol!

We made it to our connecting flight in Denver and had to walk on the tarmac to our connecting plane. 

It was so nice outside in Colorado! 

Walking out of our little airport in Missouri and greeted with Bryce’s smiling-happy face! We missed all the kids and wish we could of taken all of them but, they were in school and this was a trip just for Jarret and I to recharge our batteries. 

Monday morning Jarret and I had to milk and O-M-G that 3:30 alarm came EARLY!!! Usually getting up at that time isn’t that hard but when you only had a few hours of sleep the night before…it came too soon!

Lots of coffee!!!

Tuesday morning I didn’t have to milk so I hit the snooze button and said blogging can wait till Wednesday and went back to sleep. 

It was nice for just Jarret and I to get away and we couldn’t of done it without the help of my Mom, Dad and our milkers!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little look at our trip and talk to yah soon, have a great Wednesday,


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