DAY IN THE LIFE (2-10-17)

Hey all, Happy Thursday!

Last week Friday was Naomi’s official (legal) adoption day and since we would like to remember that day forever, I decided to do a day in the life post as well. So when Naomi gets older, she can remember everything that went on on that particular day!

 If you are not familiar with day in the life posts, it’s where you take pictures all through out the day to chronicle what went on and let me tell you…they are harder than they seem. You actually have to remember to take pictures, ha!

So here’s what I did on Friday of last week:

My alarm goes off at 4:15 a.m. every morning, I’m an early riser and I love it! It’s my quiet time before the kids wake up and that is when I do most of my blogging. On mornings I’m not blogging I may pay a few bills online, catch up on the blogs I follow, order off Amazon if need be etc. 

This is my “me” time! 

Here it’s 4:58 and I’m choosing pictures for my blog, it was dairy life lately and it is sort of a hybrid of a day in the life but, more spanned out.

Proof reading.

At 6 a.m. I’m usually done blogging, then I get in the shower.

On this morning, Maddie came down really early so I put a movie on for her and hopped in the shower.

I’m an a.m. shower girl, even if it’s not a wash your hair day, lol! 

This is the girl’s hair box, I keep it in our kitchen cart because I’m usually combing their hair while they eat breakfast!

On this particular morning we were having cinnamon rolls and breakfast sausage patties with sage, that’s our favorite!

The day before Naomi stayed home with a low-grade fever and that morning was still running a low grade fever so we decided to keep her home again. Her school is being real particular right now with kids being sick and spreading it around preschool, I don’t blame them!

So it was cozy couch and cartoons, while I took the kids to school & went to the gym, Jer kept an eye on her while he was doing chores right outside.

When I came home from the gym she was still right there being cozy, lol!

Usually in the morning I’m prepping dinner in the slow cooker or taking meat out of the freezer to defrost.

On this day I was making chicken fajitas in the slow cooker.

Taco or fajita seasoning, cut up bell peppers and onions, four chicken breasts and the juice from one lime and there you go!

Here’s the recipe I followed!

Since we are in Missouri and Naomi is from Texas, this particular judge allows (per case basis) to do the completion of the adoption via Skype! This was a blessing, otherwise we would of all had to of packed up and headed to Texas for a 15-20 minute court hearing. 

I was trying to take a picture of us “while in court”! Ha

Just like that she is now legally and officially all ours, now we can begin a new chapter. I will do more of a dedicated post about our adoption etc. later.

After our hearing Naomi and I went to go do some chores that needed to be done.

When your kids get old enough to open gates…it’s a huge milestone, haha!

The big kids are still at school, so Naomi and I went around after lunch picking up all these sticks and branches through out the lower and top pastures. 

When the grass starts really coming up, you won’t see where they are, so when the mower comes through too, the blade will be hitting all the fallen branches which isn’t good!

Naomi likes to be a helper!

Once chores were done, Naomi went down for a nap, Jer and I sat down on the couch and put our feet up because in less than an hour we had to milk. This was my little pick me up snack while I walked into the barn!

Setting the barn up for milking!

Going to gather the cows and of course all the dogs want to jump on the gator for a ride!

Jer was finishing premixing the next morning’s load while I pushed the cows in off the pasture. 

All the dogs!

This picture wasn’t as clear but those cows on the back pasture already got milked and are enjoying the grass and afternoon sun!

If you always see me in this sweatshirt while I’m milking, it’s because it’s my milking sweatshirt! 

It’s roomy, over-sized and just the right thickness. Jer got this for me yeeeeaaars ago at the farm show in Tulare, CA which is actually going on right now, haha!

We celebrated Naomi that evening with cupcakes! 

A happy girl!

Now there was a huge chunk of the day missing because I forgot to take pictures, aahhh… 

Our Midwest sunset and…

…the Snow Moon! 

Here’s some major things I didn’t take pictures of…my other kids Bryce & Maddie, hello…I don’t know how I didn’t snap a pic of them or get a group shot of all of us or just a shot of the kids, lol!

I will attempt a day in the life soon and maybe set alarms on my phone to remind me to take pics.

Have a great day and talk to yah soon,


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  1. Vicki Elrod
    February 20, 2017 / 1:28 am

    Great "Day in the Life". So happy Naomi is officially my granddaughter.

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