Happy Friday!!!

It’s Friday Favorites and I want to share with you all a little something unconventional…at least for me! My favorite thing this week (among other’s) is this WR Heifer. This heifer was born and raised here, by us, and she is just a beauty and has the best temperament!  

She was bottle fed (all our dairy calves are) and then when she was off the bottle she was in a “running pen” where they learn to eat hay, grass and are fed grain twice a day. When they are old enough we put them out on pasture. 

This particular group did majority of their growing out at the ranch, where they drank their water from a creek that runs 365 days a year. So she is use to going to the natural water and eating grass all day! When ever I’m down on the pastures they she is with her girl friends that grew up together.

The picture up top was taken yesterday while Naomi and I were hauling a load of “junk” from the side of a little shed. 

If you told my Dad this was junk, he would reply with something like, “this is good stuff, I might need this one day!” We have a few different piles, trash pile (burn hole stuff), scrap wood pile, scrap metal pile, old tire pile, wood log pile…you get it, so I was off to sort this junk eh, stuff in their respective piles. 

Again the pics up top were taken yesterday and the pic below was snapped Saturday!

She’s always off grazing somewhere like cattle should be!

Here’s her girlfriends that all grew up together at the ranch, they stay together and have grown up grazing on the grass and looking for water! To be honest all these heifer are beauties!!!

So yesterday when Naomi and I saw her up top (closes pasture to the dairy). She was grazing and enjoying the sun. A few minutes later she started her decent down to the lower pasture and across the lower pasture to go get a drink of water from the pond! Mind you, there was a water trough full of fresh cold water 100 yards away!!?! 

It just made me smile and love this heifer that much more!

So that was my Friday Favorite this week, the black WR heifer.

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