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Today I wanted to talk to you all about adoption and our experience. 

Adoption is a big commitment and also a very rewarding commitment knowing that you are helping to mold and change the course of a child’s life! 

When adoption presented itself to us, Jarret & I wondered if it was possible for us to take care of another child & love them, how would our biological kids reacts and the emotional issues that come with being in foster care, being removed by cps and many other situations that are scaring. We talked about it for a while before we made the decision to adopt and I’m so glad we did because these young children in foster care are the innocent victims of circumstances they had no control over and you are hopefully helping to break this cycle and get them off this merry-go-round they were once on. 

So lets go back…

For starters, we started this process 18 months ago, about 6 months in Naomi was placed with us and just under a year later the adoption was finalized. For our case, when Naomi was placed with us, we had to wait 6 months before we could start the process (paperwork) for adoption, then it took about an additional 6 months until she was legally ours.  Since she was not from our home state of Missouri, paperwork took a little longer to go through everyone’s hands. 

YES, there is A LOT of paperwork! But hey, If I can do it, you can do it too. YES there are home studies, background checks, letters of recommendations, training and certifications but again, if Jarret and I could do it, so could you! 


Sometimes the process felt long but now looking back it was all worth it and our social workers were all so nice and accommodating! 

The person that has been the most instrumental in our case has been our early childhood therapist, I couldn’t say enough about her and how she is such a blessing placed into Naomi’s and our lives. A therapist is vital for you and the child, she will let you know what she is seeing good or bad and what her experience in these situations are telling her and letting you know why the child is acting that way. She also helps you come up with solutions to problems when you have no other idea of what to do and yes, I’ve been there!

In these last few months we all have seen tremendous growth in her!

These children need consistency, structure, love, simplicity, carelessness, play and if you think you could provide that for a child I encourage you to think about adoption or even fostering a child until they can find their forever family. Fostering a child is important too!

It’s hard for me to remember what it was like when we were just a family of 4, I like being a family of 5 better!

I know a lot of the information may not be as intense as you may want but, a lot of the information about our adoption is private and we would like to keep it that way. ☺ But I wanted to share our story because they are so many great kids out there that need home and if you think you can provide that I encourage you to think about it!

If you have any question (I’m no expert) you can email me at

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