Happy Monday friends and family!

Man were my eyes a little extra tired when I woke up… 

I contemplated rolling over and going back to sleep for a little bit but, I know I would regret it later.

Now here is another weekend in the books and this was the hottest weekend so far, Saturday it got into the 80’s and it felt so nice!!! Sunday would of been a lot warmer, the sun was shining but, the wind was blowing so we had a wind chill factor there.

Never the less we had a great weekend, let me show you what we did!  


Saturday we had Bryce’s last basketball tournament of the season. Bryce was sad, he said it felt like this season went by so fast for him. 

But before we headed out bright and early, we dropped the girls off at my Mom’s (the girls love when my Mom watches them) and Bryce and I went thru the car wash.

My car is always dusty or has mud on it, so I frequent this little car wash often and it does a pretty good job for $6 bucks!?!

Off to a good start.

Before we went into the gym where the tournament was being held.

Now I’ve told you before that we play in a league that has some big teams and are waaay talented! They are also all 5th graders, well most of our team is made up of 4th and 5th so we can get enough players together. 

Now I was so proud of these boys because they never stopped or gave up from getting beat all three games. They went out and did their best the whole time AND there was only 5 kids that showed up, FIVE! You need 5 boys on the court at all times, that meant there was no subs to give any of these boys a break.

But bless our boys hearts, I think they should of received a medal for their efforts. This team right here went on to win the tournament, they were good!

Since this tournament was held in the same town as our ranch, Jarret was there getting hay and silage so he went to the second game of the day and Bryce & I went and picked him up!

I love this barn!

After Bryce’s second game was over, we took Jarret back to the truck, we went back to wait for the last and final game of the day.

When Bryce and I got back home, he was exhausted!!! He took a shower and went to relax his legs.

On our way back I picked up my Mom, Maddie & Naomi and went for a sunshine ride. My Mom wanted to see where we have been cleaning up the field. 

Low and behold we came across an armadillo, they are so weird looking!!!!

All loaded up.

Now that we’ve been having some sunny days, the green grass is starting to pop up.

I pulled the power wheels out of storage (since it’s been too cold) and they were driving all around pretending they were ordering from a drive thru, lol!

I said, silly faces and this is what I got, haha!

It’s so nice to go outside after dinner and play in the sun!

#winterblues #springfever


Sunday was a little work and a little play.

Jer worked in the morning but didn’t have to milk, he just fed the cows and then we all headed to the ranch to help set some post for a gate.

The weather was so nice!

We used an old telephone pole for the fence posts and man those things are solid!

After we helped set the post the girls, Jarret and I went and got some Mexican food.

They bring this dish out and it was sizzling hot but Jer let me have some bites and oh was it good!

Later we came back and did some chores and such, then in the late afternoon we went exploring!

Maddie loves this stuff!

Naomi’s legs got tired so Bryce offered to carry her on his back!

Maddie was upset because she did want to stop, she wanted to keep hiking and find more trails.

The sun was starting to go down so there was a chill in the air.

That was our weekend!

After the hiking and the clean up of toys outside, we all came in and watched a Hallmark.



  1. Laura Darling
    February 14, 2017 / 2:57 am

    You can't go wrong ending the weekend with a Hallmark movie! Good for those kids for playing all that time without a break! That is impressive!!

  2. Kathy DeMoville
    February 14, 2017 / 8:01 am

    Love the ranch and am watching this Hallmark movie on my dvr right now, as I missed it on Sat. Love to all!

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