WEEKEND WRAP-UP 2/18 & 2/19

Happy Monday Friends & Family, WOW did GOD bless us with a beautiful weekend here in Missouri!!!

The weather was perfect! Perfect for working in the yard and enjoying the outdoors; especially when you and the kids have been cooped up all winter. Can we say spring fever?!?

You know what also happens in spring…

BASEBALL!!! Did I mention we are officially done with basketball…well now Bryce is warming up for baseball and he is ready to dust off his old glove!


Saturday Morning came and it was b-e-a-utiful and sunny!


As soon as we ate breakfast and everyone was dressed n’ ready for the day, the kids were outside playing. 

Mid morning Bryce went with his Dad to get a load of silage and the Girls & I stayed back to pickup outside and be productive. I wanted to take full advantage of the weather because we are supposed to get rain in the beginning part of the week. 

While we were taking a load of branches out to the burn pile we came across this little calf that was born overnight…isn’t she cute?!? Her mom was being very protective of her.

We had a little rain Friday night-on-into Saturday which made the planter beds perfect for weed pulling and also made the perfect soil for worm finding! 

At first Maddie was nervous to hold the worm and then the nerves quickly went away.

Naomi was not into holding and petting worms but she wanted to help, so I gave her a little broom to sweep off the bricks. She loves little “jobs” that keep her busy and makes her feel like she helping because I’m sure you know the saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”.

That saying is very true when it comes to Naomi! 😊

She did a great job, I would flip the bricks over and then Naomi would sweep any loose dirt or rocks back into the planter. 

Those bricks were shiny!

Maddie’s poor worm ended up breaking in half and then she wanted to find it a good home so the birds wouldn’t eat her, while her tail grew back, lol!

And Bryce was near by hanging around, ha.

Oh this swing, he LOVES it!!!

He will swing all day and just wants me to sit and watch him go back and forth. Since the planter beds were near by and I could see him doing his tricks, he was cool with me not sitting there!

Although Sunday I made sure I sat next to him and watched him swing.

The dogs wanted to go for a ride while we went and dumped the weeds.

My Dad was out there mixing a load of feed for the next day and

not the best picture but hey, I’d been working outside all day!

Bryce feeding calves and

the girls & I walking to check the mail.

Maddie was pretending she was a cheetah and Naomi was pretending she was a ninja. I ran ahead to get a picture of them and one minute…

she was up and the next…

she was down, but Naomi always says, “I’m ok!” and gets right back up. 😊


Sunday was another beautiful day but over night Maddie was up sick a few times with an upset stomach which caused us to have to strip the bed twice. She was also up extremely early not being able to restfully fall back to sleep, so I let her watch cartoons quietly in our room and then when it was light, take a nice long bath that made her feel much better!

The early morning sunrise was majestic, the way the fog was laying in the valleys made for some cool pictures.

Every morning in the back pasture there is a flock of turkeys grazing around. There’s probably about 30-40 of them, mostly hens and a few toms.

I quietly tip-toed over to snap a few pictures so they wouldn’t spook and fly away and that’s all the pictures from Sunday, haha!

Maddie needed me, (err shall I say all the kids, Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom) and I had to milk in the afternoon. 

I hope you all had a great weekend AND

My Sister made the announcement that she is expecting baby #3!!!

We are so excited, but I wish we lived closer to each other so I could help her out. 


Have a great week everyone and tomorrow I’m gonna show you all my favorite was to roast veggies!!! Isn’t that exciting {sarcasm included}, but I love roasted veggies and my Brycee-Boy does too!


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  1. riley elrod
    February 21, 2017 / 1:07 am

    I wish you were closer too! Haha my house is going to be "full" as you put it haha

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