Hi friends and family, Happy Monday!!!

Did you all watch the Super Bowl?!? I happened to catch the halftime performance but the first half of the game Jer and I were still milking cows and then when I came in I needed to give the girls baths and get them ready for bed. But, it did get recorded and I heard from Jer that it was the greatest Super Bowl comeback??! It was being recorded so I can catch the second half today. 

So this weekend’s weather was CRAZY, (I’m including Friday too), Friday’s weather was windy and cold, Saturday was ARTIC cold, like bone chilling and Sunday was beautiful & sunny.

The weather here in Missouri changes so quickly that you have to be ready for whatever that day brings, ha☺

Friday Morning after dropping off the big kids at school and going to the gym, I came back home and changed into my warm clothes and headed to the ranch with my Dad and Jer. 

Naomi didn’t have school Friday so she was hanging with my Mom at their house. My Mom had a procedure done Wednesday to remove her kidney stones so she was taking it easy while Naomi kept herself entertained.

Our tasks at the ranch were to get hay, silage, check the fence in a pasture that we are going to open up for the heifers (my task) and pick up the ag-bag and take to the dump pile (Dad & Jer’s task).

Besides my hands being frozen while riding the quad and my cheeks, the heifers looked pretty out on the pasture!

The heifers here were making their way to the water troughs.

While I was down there a big steel gate fell on my calf and took me out. As I tried to catch my breath, I remembered there was no one around to help, so I pulled myself up, collected my thoughts, did a mental check of my body parts and walked back to where the guys were. 

Now I have a nice bruise on the top of my calf muscle. #farmgirlsaretough

This was my view as I was making my way back. Jer was loading silage, Dad was waiting for the tractor and I was ready to head back.

Saturday was game day!

Mom was going to watch the girls at her house, the milker-boys were milking the morning and afternoon shift so Jer could go too and we were off to the tournament.

Don’t let the sun fool you, it was freeeeeezing outside!!!

All three games did not go in our favor this weekend, not many of them do at these tournaments because majority of the teams are club or bigger school teams. Our little small town team needs more game experience so it’s good practice and exposure for the kids.

After Bryce’s games we got something to eat and went to Walmart, I know-I know, Walmart on the weekend…#crazytown, especially before super bowl, but this was the time I had.

Sunday I had to milk both shift, 3:30 a.m & 3:00 p.m..

This was around 6:15 after my part of the shift was over, Jer was in the wash up part where you spray down the barn and wash the pipeline.

After breakfast, showering, picking up the house, laundry we went outside and enjoyed the sunshine!

Naomi loves swinging on this little swing.

After swinging the girls and I picked up all the little toys that somehow find their way from the sandbox to the grass and Naomi found out the hard way about leaving stuffed animals outside that Mom said to pick up.

A little Mr. stuffed animal frog was ripped to shreds from the dogs thinking it was a chew toy…let’s just say I don’t think she’ll be leaving anymore of her stuffed animals out anymore. 😉

After toys it was sticks, now we were onto picking up branches that fell off the trees from it being so windy.

Grandpa was barbecuing, his favorite pastime. 

Jer and Bryce were putting a new throttle cable in the Ranger. 

and this was the last pile, now the lawn it all clean!

After burgers and chicken enchilada dip, we enjoyed this big super bowl cookie that Bryce picked out when he went to the grocery store with my parents.

#decadent #kidsonsugaroverload

The three o’clock hour came and it was time to start milking again.

That was our weekend in a nutshell or shall I say blog post and a great Monday!


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