Hey all, Happy Thursday!

Today I wanted to share a little life lately with you all! ☺ Life has been full of school lately…which involves kids, which leads me to the season of life I’m in right now. I’m definitely not in the thick of school age kids & homework but, give me another year or two then all 3 will be bringing home more & more work!

Tuesday Maddie went on a field trip with her class to see a performance of Beauty and the Beast. The play was put on by the local college and community theater. This was the second field trip she has went on with her class!

We also had an end of the year I.E.P. meeting this week for Ms. Maddie! I can’t believe we are already taking about 2nd grade for this girl. She has grown and matured so much this school year! We still struggle with certain days that she has harder times staying on task and silliness but, she has been working so much harder this second half of the year.

Maddie also meet her 100% AR goal!!!

We are so very proud of her because in the beginning of the school year she only could recognize 13 sight words….now she’s over a 100! Now she’s trying to earn her 125% so she can go swimming at the YMCA.

Which now brings me to Bryce…haha

Mr. Bryce has really been working just as hard if not harder to keep good grades and to work on areas that need a little extra help. Bryce has really had a shift this school year on the importance of all the middle of the year work and not scrambling at the end of the year to try and make his goals. AND let me tell you, 4th grade I feel is a hard year!!! There’s a lot they need to cover and thank GOD he doesn’t struggle with math because I feel that if he did, oh boy….

Last but not least, Ms. Naomi…

We have turned a page with this girl when it comes to preschool, we are having waaaaaaaayyy more good days & weeks than bad. Thank you Jesus! But when we do have an off day at school it’s not a good one… We are having to work on some anger management tools. Academically Naomi is soaking everything up like a sponge and I honestly believe next year in pre-k she will be at the top of her class. She really wants to do school like the big kids and she will! 

Here on the dairy we are in the in-between seasons, were we are still having those cold days and then we have those spring type weather days.  But we’ve also had some crazy weather to where it’s in the 70’s one day then crazy hail and wind storms the next!

But when it’s nice weather I’m usually outside as much as I can be and then when it’s nasty then I’ve been working on little projects indoors. 

Lately I’ve been going through everybody’s clothes, paring down and donating! 

I’m tying to have less clutter…

There’s also been a herd of deer grazing in the back pasture in the evenings or early morning. I love to see them out there! For this picture I had to sneak out and rest up against our baler to get a picture, lol!

That’s pretty much life lately, talk to ya soon,


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