Hey all…how bout a little life lately!??

I’m just going to jump right in…

Wednesday marked Naomi’s 1 year anniversary of her “Gotcha Day”! Gotcha day just means the day we “got her” and it is a special day to celebrate. I can’t believe she has already been with us for a year! She has grown so much in that relatively short amount of time. 

The kiddos are doing great in school and what they are most excited about is the fact that they get to play outside recess, because when the weather is cold they have to play in the gym or their classroom. 

I’m sure the teachers are excited about that as well, ha!

Bryce is in this stage where he likes to have headphones on when he is on the phone watching something or listening to music but, not any headphones, his Dad’s nice ones and it drive Jarret crazy, lol!

But on the other hand Bryce is a dam-good skidsteer operator!

He is a natural when it comes to operating equipment, he’s not to hard on the tractors, very cautious and likes everything to be just so. 

He’s such a good, well rounded boy!

I love to watch him do his thing… 😁

Yesterday Jer needed my help to get the manure spreader’s door back up. When the ram shuts the door, the door doesn’t go down straight, so then it doesn’t want to lift. So while Jer put tension on the door with the chain, I lifted to handle to make the door go up and up went the door!

So for the rest of the day while Jer was spreading manure, the door stayed open, haha!!!

We have a handful of beef cows on the farm and they’ve all been calving over the past month or so, can you spot the newest one…!??!

I spy with my little eye something black up there…

Down in this part of the pasture there is 3 mommas and 3 babies, the momma on top of the pond is the new calf’s mom, she was getting a drink.

If the weather is nice after the kids get out of school they love to play outside!

Yesterday the girls were playing school bus and if you can’t tell Maddie was the driver, lol!

That’s one crazy driver right there, haha!

This picture was taken about an hour before we all had to come in because a storm was rolling in. We are now in tornado season and this week so far we’ve had 3 crazy thunderstorms, the kids are little troopers and have been great.

Here were some of the other passengers on the bus!

Bryce feeding calves, his afternoon chore.

Yesterday I helped him out a bit but, he did majority of the work.

Now the wind was picking up and we could hear thunder, the girls know that that means we need to pack everything down outside and head in. 

Our conversation:

Maddie: “Mom, I heard thunder, hurry we need to go inside!”

Me: “Ok, get your chairs, let’s put all the toys away.”

Naomi & Maddie: “We already did!”

***Cracking Thunder***

Naomi: “Mom, I heard the ‘under’!”

Me: “Girl you did a good job, let’s go inside!”

The girls are becoming pros at storm prep. 

One of the not so fun perks of living in the Midwest!

That was a little life lately and talk to you all Monday,


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