Hey all, Happy Wednesday!

Two things before I start this post:

1. The blogs have been spotty because mainly we’ve all been sick, contemplating a few things relating to my blog and practicing giving myself grace if I don’t have a post ready. 

Which brings me to my second topic…

2. I totally and royally had a “Mom Fail”! I forgot about Maddie’s 1st grade concert, how did I do that…I remember seeing the paper last week, “filing” in the pile of school papers and that’s where it stayed till my girlfriend texted asking if Maddie was going and we also passed the school on the way out to eat wondering what all the cars were there for!!! So like I said above, I need to give myself grace on this, Jer has told me repeatedly to not beat myself up about it but, this is the first time I’ve ever forgot something like this…


Okay, here’s a little life lately! 

Saturday Morning I was doing dishes and noticed all the turkeys in the back pasture. So of course like I normally do, I grabbed my camera with the awesome zoom lens and walked as close as I could with out scaring them off to capture this beautiful beast! 

Bryce had a dentist appointment last week and still no cavities, yayyy!!!

If you can’t tell from the picture, he was not feeling well at all, it was his turn with the cold. As soon as we left the dentist office and got back home, I started dinner and he told me he was going up stairs. I called him down for dinner but he never showed up…

He was knocked out asleep for at least 3 hours!!!

When he came down stairs he was wondering were dinner was and where is everyone, haha, poor guy.

This past week Jarret’s been pretty busy, we got a load of cows that showed up late Friday night so it was all hands on deck the few days leading up!

Maddie was reading Grandma’s book and we’re so proud of her because she reached her 125% A.R. goal, so now she gets to go swimming at the YMCA! That is what she really wanted and she was determined to get it!

Naomi has been loving the change in weather, now when she comes home from preschool she can be outside playing and swinging on this little blue swing we have rigged up. 

Last weekend we put the little play kitchen outside on the back deck so they can get more use of it, otherwise it was sitting in the corner of the room getting no attention.

Friday was St. Patrick’s day and we celebrated with having Lucky Charms for breakfast and doing a funny picture on Instagram Story, the kids picked out the stickers!

Last week we rigged up a new water line for a water trough we put up in the back pasture. 

Bryce was Jarret’s little helper that day, err, he’s always his Dad’s helper.

Saturday morning sun!

There’s my Dad standing over by the gate! 

He’s making sure no one cows get through.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon is usually the days I milk. Those are the afternoons the boys don’t work, it works out that they both get 1½ days off.

Milking two days a few week keeps my mind fresh in that department and honestly, I don’t mind.

The kids had a four-day weekend this past week and we initially planned on going away for the two nights but with the cows showing up…that didn’t happen, next time!

Sunday we walked out into the back pasture to push some cows up.

They wanted to lay way-way back in the farthest part and didn’t know Jer put their feed out.

Sunday afternoon I had my partners with me to push up all the milk cows for afternoon milking.

Monday I took the girls to Sam’s Club to go get Maddie’s glasses tightened and adjusted because they were so loose and slipping down her nose constantly. 

Now they are much better and they lucked out with a slice of pizza too!

That’s a little life lately and if you didn’t see my post on Monday, where I linked up to talk about Workin’ Work Life and Mom Life, check it out!

Have an awesome day and I’ll talk to you all soon,


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