WEEKEND WRAP-UP 3/11-3/12/17

Hey all, Happy Daylight Savings Time!

Is anyone happy about it or is everyone getting up an hour late, ha?!? Well I know that I am happy that it is lighter-later but, loosing that hour of sleep is brutal, especially Monday morning getting the kids up for school.

Speaking of school, yesterday I had to pick up Maddie from the nurses’s office. She spiked a fever and had the chills! So I brought Maddie home, Naomi made a blanket bed on the couch, I got her medicine and the girls watched cartoons. But before we made it home I stopped at my Mom’s to give her some mail and Grandma ran out to the car and gave her a popsicle, oh did she love that!!!

When I was signing Maddie out from school, I forgot to tell the office to let Bryce know that Maddie wouldn’t be on the bus. I thought should I call, well he’ll figure it out when he doesn’t see her and I went on taking care of Madison. Well when he got off the bus he already knew, haha, two teachers at school told him that they say your Mom taking Maddie home from the nurse’s office!


Weekend Wrap-Up here we go!

I snapped this picture Friday afternoon, from Madison’s window. Right at the time of the “golden hour”, all the trees look gold!

Saturday and Sunday were COLD!!! We had a strong cold front move in that brought ice and a dusting of snow. Which leads me to my next picture…

Operation de-clutter and go through everything in the kids’s rooms and Saturday was the perfect weather for this. Stay inside and do projects!

This was 1 of the boxes of extra medical supplies we had on hand for any of the times Maddie had been sick, hospitalized etc. I finally went through them after 6 years of accumulating supplies, it was time to purge the past so I can let go and begin a new chapter.

Going through those boxes gave me all the feels, happy that we don’t have to use the stuff anymore, sad because we had to use all that stuff and at some points it seemed like a chapter that would never end!

It felt good that I kept one of her medical supplies boxes with a few key things that I wanted to share with her when she’s older. 

Oh Brycee-Boy he loves his Buzz LightYear and Patches. Both he started sleeping with and caring for when Maddie was in the hospital and since he no longer needs then anymore, we were putting them in storage for safe keeping. He was saying one last goodbye and actually getting real emotional about letting them go. So we decided to keep patches the little puppy out and put buzz away. Although he doesn’t need him anymore to fall asleep, he put him in his dresser for safe keeping.

That Patches Pup was actually Brody’s, Jarret’s Grandma Irma gave both Brody & Maddie a blue & pink pup and obviously we gave it to Bryce since he was never able to use it. We gave it to him when Maddie was still in the NICU and he said that patches got him through a lot of tuff times over the years. 

Saturday and Sunday (afternoons) I had to milk with Jer, this is me on a very cold tractor seat, ha, herding the cows in. I had my sweatshirt hood and my jacket hood on because the wind was blowing and boy was it cold. Good thing the milk barn is heated!!!

Here’s Bryce washing the bottles after feeding calves with his Dad. The milk house was cold and the water was hot, hence all the stream and he LOVES it!!! He thinks he’s a mad scientist. 

My hair’s a little coo-coo from being wind blown but this was during milking on Saturday afternoon!

Sunday we didn’t do too much besides go to Lowe’s to pick up a few things for a project I’m doing in Bryce’s room,  #operationmorestorage and go to a new favorite little Mexican restaurant for lunch. 

Then we came back to enjoy a little ice cream at home, everyone took a quick nap and then it was off to milk and grandma watch the kids…well mostly the girls!

Bryce brought home his report card on Friday and we were very happy with all the grades!!!

The two subjects that he was struggling with he brought up a whole letter grade and we were very proud of him for that and all the other grades were good too.

Third to Fourth grade is tough!

Maddie brought home an excellent report card except for her music class and computer class grade, lol, she thinks music class is too long and boring and the computer class teacher and Maddie don’t get along, ha!

Naomi doesn’t get “report cards” in preschool but she had a waaaaayyyy better week in school then the following week, hooray! 

That was our weekend, talk to you soon!



  1. riley elrod
    March 14, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    Reading this blog post preggers, is not a good mix. I def got teary eyed and emotional over maddy's medical stuff and Bryce hugging his special guys that got him through so much ❤

      March 14, 2017 / 11:42 pm

      I know it was hard seeing him get so sad over patches! He said that Patches is his best friend and has always been there for him. 😊 It took me this long to go through her med stuff Because I wasn't ready.💛

  2. Kathy DeMoville
    March 17, 2017 / 5:42 am

    The little pup is Bryce's connection to Brody – Starting another phase in their lives. . . Love to all of you!

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