Happy Monday, the start of a new week!

This past weekend we finally had decent weather, well Saturday at least and non of us were sick, yay!!!

On Saturday the sun was out, finally, but it was windy so you still needed to wear something to keep you warm. Hey I’ll take it, as long as we can be outside and the kids can play! 

The girls have missed being able to sit and play in their sandbox. Which reminds me, I need to buy more sand!

On Friday my Mom and Dad brought a big group of heifers back from the ranch to keep on the dairy so we can feed them grain, work them and keep a closer eye. 

These two mamas are always together!

 The pasture that the heifers are in had a few pieces of barbed wire that needed to be fixed, so my Dad came with his fence fixing supplies and the kids and I explored.

I think I’ve to you all before but, Maddie loves going on nature walks.

She carried around this little pet rock all day Saturday, it was a little micro-pig named Pua from the movie Moana!

P.S. The girls can’t wait for the movie to come out!!!

Bryce and Naomi enjoyed exploring too!

Brother being a big brother, ha!

The kids created a little doggie pen out of scraps from the scrap pile and Naomi was pretending she was a puppy.

Sunday the girls started the morning by watching Trolls and eating breakfast, while I went out and fed the heifers grain for Jarret. Bryce stayed the night by my parents.

When Jarret was all done with the morning chores, the whole Mehaffey family went out for lunch and enjoyed Mexican food!

Then we took the kids to Target to spend their gift cards from Grandpa and Grandma Mehaffey!  

The girls both found something right away!

Maddie picked out a new little plush toy to take to school with her, it’s a little Shopkins purse! Maddie’s aloud to take a little stuffed animal friend with her to school to keep her complany.

Now I have to brag about the kids for a moment. I have to say, hands down all three kids were on such good behavior picking out their special toys and non of them whined at all!!! Each of them also saved a little money on their gift cards to buy themselves a slushy from the food court. I expressed to the kids on the way out how proud I was of them for their behavior while in Target. Usually it doesn’t go as smoothly!

On the way back Jer and I dropped off all three kids at my Mom’s because I had to milk the afternoon shift, which I also milked the afternoon shift Saturday too. The weather wasn’t that nice though Sunday so they weren’t going to be able to play outside and it’s nice for them to have a change of scenery. 

This was me gathering the cows to get milked, some were comfy and cozy and didn’t want to get up. ☺

That was our weekend and have a great Monday,


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    March 7, 2017 / 7:30 am

    Love reading your posts Jade. The kids are getting so big – and I am proud of them too for the choices they made in Target. Love you and miss you.

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