Happy Monday and Happy April everyone!!!

Last we talked it was still March and now it’s almost Easter, yay! This spring has been a long time coming, at least for me and the kids. The temperatures have still been up and down, one day we are wearing shorts, next we are back in jackets, oh Springtime in the Midwest…

But Spring here also brings rain ( “April showers brings May flowers”), thunderstorms and tornado season, not so exciting, which brings me to my first picture…

This was a crazy thunderstorm that came rolling in after I dropped the kids off at school. It was loud and when the thunder hit, it felt like an earthquake!

Not to mention I was the only one on the dairy thinking, “ok…this isn’t scary….”.

I was helping Jer by washing the pipeline for him so he could leave.

This was me washing the pipeline trying not to physique myself out, ha!

Then I went into the hay barn to push up the feed, but it was even louder! The cows didn’t spook or anything so I tried to play it calm and as soon as I was done, I ran back to the house!

(Like true scaredy-cat fasion, lol)

When the kids got home from school, I asked if they heard the thunder or got scared and their responses were, “no we just kept doing our work.”  Ha, it seems like they are use to the weather now!?! 

In other news…Little Boy is back!

Little Boy is my family’s Angus bull, he was on loan to a neighbor for his services. ☺

Also in other news…

We started buying bedding from a local cabinet shop. This is all the scrap shaving etc., it works perfect for bedding the calves and is much cheaper!

They seem to like it and it is holding up quite well.

Since Naomi is home for a few hours before the big kids get off the bus, she is usually helping me with farm chores, like watering these calves.

I finally finished a little project, with the help of my Mom, a few open shelves in the kid’s rooms. Bryce helped me with sanding some old barn wood we found to use as the material.

Here’s the finished project!

I got the hangers from Lowe’s for about $4 a piece, I also put two of these shelves in Madison’s room too.

Bryce has been working on getting more A.R. points for school, so he has been a reading machine. 

He already met his 100% A.R. goal, now he’s trying to get to 125% for more incentives!

Maddie reached 150% on Friday and she was so excited, but don’t let the serious face fool you, ha!

Lately Maddie’s mood has been all over the place and I know I have talked about this before but when you are a parent of a special needs child it’s like every few months you are battle something different and lately it has been treading lightly to see what type of mood she’s in and proceeding from there. 

“Good Morning Maddie, how’s it going!??”, “Leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to nobody!!!”, Okay and move on, eventually she comes out of it on her own. I just follow her lead…

This weekend I got the girls a new little outdoor play patio by Step2!

It’s perfect for them to keep busy while I’m working and they needed something new to revamp our outdoor toys that they’ve played with for years.

One of my favorite things about this Outdoor Play Patio is the fact that it has a sun shade!

Here’s us feeding silage to the beef cows down below, Maddie wasn’t in the mood for people to talk to her, she needed her quiet time.

Naomi learned how to ride a bike this weekend, Go Naomi!

Big step for her and she’s still learning but doing awesome.

On the yard work front, I fertilized the lawn on Friday.

 I’m curious to see the changes in the grass this year!

#yardworknerd 😎

That’s a little life lately, hope you enjoyed and talk to you all soon,


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    April 4, 2017 / 6:59 am

    Brave! Madison is growing into a 2nd grader . . .love the shelves.

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