Hey family and friends, Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter. Ours was very casual with a yummy lunch and an Easter egg hunt. The kids are getting so big and this was the first Easter where Bryce hid the eggs and the girls did the hunting. He’s a big guy now…

Yeah, so I sort of took a week off blogging… 

It wasn’t planned, it just kind of happened and well, Spring has Sprung. What I mean, other than the obvious is, everything work wise outside is starting to ramp up. Yard work, weed control, mowing the fields, calves and days when I milk make for longer days. My priority is always my family and this past week all their needs came before the bloggity-blog. 

I love my blog and am always thinking of things I want to share or posts but, sometimes right now, less is more. I really want to try and stay with the 3x a week posting schedule, that’s my goal, I think it’s do able and attainable but, I have to give myself grace if it doesn’t happen! I also vlogged yesterday SURPRISE! It was a spur the moment, last minute thing but, creatively something I’ve been missing.

(scroll to the bottom for that)

I know this post is going to be random and disjointed but you know what, who cares, Ha!



Here’s our Easter picture, nothing fancy, no perfectly dressed & posed picture. Just a random felfie! (Family-Selfie) 😁

Yesterday morning it poured rain and cleared up after lunch, just in time to hunt eggs, play outside and I didn’t have to milk in the rain, yay!

Here’s a little peak at their baskets!

Both the girls received new bathing suits and a cute little bunny!

Bryce’s basket was fun with some of his favorite snacks, slime eggs and body spray “shower in a can” for tween boys!


Now that the sun has been shining, the grass is growing and also the weeds. So I’m making my way through all the pastures. 

While I was finishing up this pasture, Jer walked out to check on the cows!

Since the tractor doesn’t have a cab or sun shade, I’ve been really diligent about wearing a sun hat, sun screen and long sleeve shirts to protect my skin.

BUT I forgot to wear gloves the other day and my hands got so tan, lol! 

One of the evenings me and Bryce went out and mowed for about an hour to try and get more done!

The sun was going down while we were mowing and it made for some pretty pictures!

This is the newest little calf and he has a nice clean stall in the horse barn.


Jarret and I surprised the kids with an overnight stay in Branson. We were in need of some quality-family time and fun!

We stayed at a resort that had an indoor water park that the kids LOVED, especially Bryce, he’s our little fish!!!

Their favorite thing was the lazy river. 

Naomi wasn’t tall enough for the slides but they did have a little play area with some much smaller slides, but she still had fun!

Our hotel room had what they called a “clubhouse” with bunk beds and a little flat screen television for cartoon watching!

On the Mom Front

The girls started swim lessons.

This learning how to swim thing is important to us because you never know what could happen. Bryce took swim lessons when he was 4 years old and I would of put Maddie in lessons at that age too but she just wasn’t ready to take direction like that. 

Naomi is loving the lessons and sometimes get a little too confident and on the other hand Maddie is really cautious!

Kick, Kick, Kick!

While the girls have their lesson, Bryce swims and plays with other kids that are swimming. More than not, he knows one of them from school and it’s good exercise for him!

The last two weeks I’ve been dealing with doctors appointments.




Maddie’s eyes have become more near sided, with the left eye being worse, which requires a stronger prescription.

The week before Bryce had his dentist appointment and this week Naomi has her Pre-K screening. Appointments, appointments, appointments…

Did I mention I received a letter from school, Maddie owed $22.00 dollars on her lunch account because she was going to breakfast, after eating breakfast at home too!?! Ha,

Well that’s a little bit of a random catch up and I’ll talk to you all soon, ENJOY the vlog!


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