WEEKEND WRAP-UP (4/22-4/24)

Hey ALL, Happy Tuesday!

Sorry no “weekend wrap-up” yesterday! I left my laptop in one of the rooms where the kids sleep and I wasn’t about to go in the lion’s den at 5 a.m., to sneak it out and possibly wake a little lion too early! No-No, kids and their sleep is waaaayyy more important, especially for this Mom. 😁 

So anyhow, this past weekend’s weather was verrryyy extreme! We went from getting 5-6 inches of rain Thursday & Friday, to it being cold & drizzly Saturday, then Sunday & Monday were beautifully warm and sunny! I don’t know why I love talking weather with you all but I do so there! 


Saturday morning I deep cleaned the kitchen and it took me at least 2 hours! I wiped down all the cabinets, dusted, cleaned the outside of the appliances (even the toaster 😄), dealt with some clutter…oh man do I love the way the kitchen looks and feels.

You all know, especially if you’ve been following my weekend wrap-ups a while, I usually milk one of the shifts on Saturday & Sunday, and a shift or two during the week to give the boys time off. Well Saturday afternoon was my shift. This is us (Jarret & I) bringing in our set of cows. 

Luckily there was a little gap in the storm when it was time to push the cows up!

Making our way to the milk barn and unfortunately, this was the last picture from Saturday!

After lunch on Saturday, the kids went over to my parent’s house since they’d been cooped over here from the rain and I had to milk so, to Grandma’s house they go! Then I went and picked them up after milking.


Hellooo Sunday morning, sleepy face and all!

That morning, since it was chilly, I didn’t feel like putting on jeans so…sweats it is and they were so cozy. Outfitted with my milking sweatshirt and work vest!

After these cows were milked, I went to close their gate and a lot of them already went back to sleep, ha!

Hi Moon!

Sunday morning sunrise!

I have to say, these morning sunrises are giving me summer fever and did you all know we only have like 2½ weeks left of school, whaat!??

 The girls came out to see me in between morning cartoons and Bryce ended up spending the night at Grandma’s.

The girls and I went down to go check the creek, since we had so much rain, and to check and make sure the water gap was fine. The water gap is a fence that strings across the creek and sometimes and in the past it can be swept away by the water.

On the way back out the gate we also had some followers, I had to hurry up, park the tractor and close the gate!

Later at snack time, I sat down on the back patio with Naomi and enjoyed our snacks and I read. It’s so nice to put your legs up and enjoy the sun, of course with a hat on!

By the way, I posted this picture on Instagram and the author liked and commented on my post, so cool! 

Later that afternoon I took Bryce and Maddie to Target so Bryce could spend his gift card and Naomi spent time with Grandma, since I took her there on Friday. It was the big kids turn!


 Monday morning before school picture!

Maddie wanted to wear these socks because her shorts had stars on them and her socks were space themed.

Here’s a laundry sign my girl friend/workout partner made for me! Love-Love-Love!!!

(p.s. The sink basin is clean, believe me, it is stained with paint. I’ve tried everything to get it clean but…no such luck)

Yesterday we had a cute little heifer calf that was born out in the field, Jer carried it over and I hurried up and snapped a pic before heading for swim lessons.

Mama went in the barn to get milked and then this heifer calf was fed her colostrum.

Swimming before lessons.

The girls are absolutely loving swim lessons and are always asking when they go next. Naomi is able to put her head under water and Maddie can go all the way under and touch her toes!!!

Well that was a little slice of our weekend, hope you all had a great Monday and here’s to Tuesday.

Talk to you all soon,



  1. Kathy DeMoville
    April 27, 2017 / 6:13 am

    Love that they are taking swim lessons. Hope to see you all real soon – hugs to all!

      May 2, 2017 / 11:08 am

      Yes, the girls are LOVING swim lessons!!! Maddie just started swimming underwater yesterday! 🙂 Naomi is now holding her breath underwater, these girls are amazing. 🙂

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