Hey all, Happy Tuesday!

Today I’m sharing a little life-lately and life-lately is going by so fast!!! 

We are in the homestretch of the 2016-2017 school year and this our last week. What!??! This school year really did zip by. In a few days I will have a soon to be 5th grader, 2nd grader and preschooler! 😁 

I honestly couldn’t be more proud of my kids and how much they’ve grown over this school year. 

So here goes a little life-lately wrapped in with a little weekend wrap-up!

One of my daily chores is taking care of all the little calves and making sure they have grain & water.

Jarret feeds them their milk, unless I’m have to milk then that’s when I will feed them.

Fresh water & fresh grain.

The girls love when we have a new little calf on the dairy.

In our little cow herd front, Jer wormed our cows last week! 

This is important especially since they came from another farm and you want to rid them of anything lingering in their stomachs. 

Last Friday, Naomi’s preschool had a little ceremony celebrating the end of the school year.

Naomi will still have another year of preschool but a new teacher since ours in going to be a kindergarten teacher next year. Maybe she’ll have her for kindergarten? 

They had all the kids dress up as nursery rhyme characters and Naomi was Mary, from Mary had a little lamb!

After her performance, I came home, made enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo and then put my feet up because on Wednesday I injured my hip. 

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Friday evening with Enchiladas and watermelon, upon Maddie’s request. 

This girl loves herself some chicken enchiladas!!!

This weekend we took it easy by playing outside, enjoying the warmer temps and slowing it down.

Saturday I had to milk the morning and afternoon shift but, in between I took the kids down to play by the creek! What’s nice about being down by the creek is there’s no phone reception.   

(Bryce’s gun is a Nerf gun he spray painted black 😉)

The kids literally played for hours with just water, sticks and rocks!!!

The simplest form of play.

The kids built a little dam and diverted the direction of the water.

Maddie showed me what her little friend Peyton taught her.

She said, “When you put your finger like this, that means peace. You close your eyes and take deep breaths and then make a heart with your hands.”

I’m not lying when I tell you, I did not prompt her to do this in anyway. She continued to stay like this for a solid 20 seconds and took her practice very seriously. It truly made my heart happy. 

It was relaxing sitting there watching the kids play, thinking and realizing how wild nature is because just last weekend this creek was roaring with water!

That evening my Dad called and told me he’d seen a snapping turtle by the end of the road. So naturally we all went to check it out and he was a big guy or maybe girl.

This past weekend I taught Bryce how to do laundry, he’s 10 soon to be 11 and it’s time he learns how to help out in that department.

While Bryce was at baseball practice on Sunday, the girls and I played at the park. 

Baseball season has begun!

This picture was taken yesterday, the kids’ last Monday of the school year!

That’s a little weekend wrap-up, wrapped in a little life lately, talk to you all soon,


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