I know I haven’t done a book review since February but, I have been reading!

Slowly but surely…😁

Here’s the thing, it started turning Spring here and we weren’t held up in the house as much and I kind of forgot to set time a side to read, it sound lame but it’s true. The weather was nicer, the work load became more and bam, the month of March was over with only one book read, ha!

I have noticed that when the weather is nice I read less, but when the weather is rainy or cold I read more! I’m a cozy weather reader.

Still keeping with my New Year’s resolution and wanting to read more, I made it a point to get back on track for the month of April and I did.

All 3 books I enjoyed and would recommend!👍


Here’s to Us, by Elin Hilderbrand is a book about a celebrity chef who lives in New York, has been married several times and dies unexpectedly at his house in Nantucket. His private funeral is in Nantucket where his ashes are to be spread in the ocean, so everyone of his wives and kids had to all be together for a weekend at the house they all shared at one time or another.

Sounds like a mess right and it kind of is but, I enjoyed this book and recommend it!


When I hear Melissa Maker was coming out with a book about her “Maker Method” of cleaning I was so excited!!! This is pretty nerdy or me to be excited about a book about cleaning, but it’s true. I enjoy a clean house.

Is my house always clean…NO, but I try everyday and clean some area though.

Back when Jarret and I lived in California, we use to have our house cleaned every so often by a cleaning service that would do a big deep cleaning. We both loved the way the house felt after they came through!!! Well Melissa owns a cleaning service business and shares in this book how she cleans effectively without making a day of it and identifying places that you should clean often, like your most used areas.

She also gives her recipes for cleaning products that she uses in her own company to clean and how to clean like a professional.

I absolutely loved this book and would recommend if you like to clean or want that professional feel when you are done!


Decluttering your Home, Mind & Soul

I found this book off a recommendation and I loved it. It’s about the obvious decluttering! But not just your  tangible things but also things like your e-mail inbox, (hello 3,000 +), and how you feel.

Clutter definitely effects me, it makes me anxious and I just like simple. I don’t like a lot of things, I believe in the motto of “quality over quantity” and I know some people like a lot of one particular thing or like options and that’s perfectly fine!

Especially with having 3 kids, you acquire a lot of stuff and I feel like I’m constantly purging through clothes that doesn’t fit them, toys they don’t play with or grew out of and it’s just a work in progress.  AND you know that mommy-guilt of not wanting to throw away a school paper that they did a good job on or that flyer of what’s happening that next week, yeah I still have a pile on my counter to deal with…

If you’re a purger or are in need of purging, I would recommend this book!

We are all a work in progress 🙂

Well friends, that is my March & April book review. I know I didn’t read too much but, at least I read!


Talk to ya soon,


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