Happy Tuesday friends!!!

Did we all have a nice Memorial Day weekend!?! 

Over here in Missouri we had a beautiful Sunday & Monday, with some tornadic weather on Saturday that got a little scary for a few seconds… The first storm cell rolled through while Jer & I were milking the afternoon shift, so we had the kids come in from the house and sit in the barn with us where it was safe. They watched movies on our phones while we kept milking! 

Oh to live in Southwest Missouri, ha😁

Saturday Maddie had her little girlfriend Peighten over to play. It was a surprise for Maddie because she’s been really missing Peighton something fierce and when she got out of the car, when getting dropped off, Maddie’s face lit up and was so happy. She kept saying, “Peighton, you’re such a good friend”! Those two have such a cute relationship and of course I forgot to take a picture of them, sorry just trust me.

Here’s some pictures of the late afternoon storm that blew in. (literally)

It was crazy, while we were standing there the weather was calm & still and as that system was quickly approaching us it was getting cooler and cooler and the wind was getting stronger and stronger. 

I “chickened” out and ran inside, lol, but Jer stayed out there a little longer just to see and take pictures. 

I went inside and reassured the kids that everything would be fine because they were getting a little worried, we also did a mock tornado drill to calm their nerves and reassure them that they knew what to do. Of course the cable always goes out in these type of storms so we were watching old dvr’d episodes of Bubble Guppies.

The weather looked very ominous though!

Thankfully the cable came back in time for the Saturday night Hallmark movie I had been anticipating…

It was such a cute movie! 

If you missed it, it will probably be playing on repeat this week on the Hallmark channel…for sure on Saturday.

Sunday the kids and I usually like to do a little exploring, but first we went down to check on the beef cattle and their babies. 

Bryce took this pictures of me and the girls walking in the “fairy forest”. We use to be able to drive the little cart in there but after this last big storm, part of the little road is washed out.

The girls pretty much are always hanging out on the back patio playing and having fun and now with those poor little kittens, ha!

That kitty was just hangin out relaxing, it was perfectly calm just like…I’m going to sit here and take in some sun!

When I asked Maddie for a picture she said she just wanted to look down, haha, what I’ve learned with her is you just go with it!

Sunday night ended with coffee ice cream and some Real Housewives…my kind of night!

Monday morning came early!

These were two little bottle calves were getting their morning milk. 

A nice and warm little milk latte 🥛!

I elected to milk Monday morning, instead of the afternoon because I wanted the whole day just to sit and relax with the kids. No unnecessary chores or to-dos, just slowing it down and enjoying my time with the family. 

I picked up two flag each for the kids at the dollar store to stick inside the front planter bed and I think the kitty was enjoying them more!

My parents brought over hamburgers and hot dogs for themselves and we grilled burger for our fam and enjoyed them with my Mom’s potato salad and My pasta salad. 

The food was good!

We brought the fold able, camp style rocking chairs to the front porch and enjoyed the view and got some reading done!

Earned break from 4 straight shifts in the milk barn…

Then we wrapped the afternoon with a sunshine walk and the kids watched a movie before getting ready for bed!

You know, the girls do have a 7 p.m. bedtime, ha 😊, people laugh at me but seriously…if it’s getting past 7 Maddie asks to be put to bed. They don’t take naps and play-play-play all day so when night comes they are tired. Kids need their sleep and Momma needs some quiet time!

Thanks for recapping our weekend with me and talk to ya soon,



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