WEEKEND WRAP-UP (4/28-4-30)

Hi ALL, Happy Monday!

You all know how I like to start out by talking about the weather we had over the weekend and WOW, did we have some weather!!! I mean Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas…man we were all hit hard! Our area of Missouri got a ton of rain in the matter of 24 hours, it just never stopped raining. Roads were flooded, creeks & rivers were over flowing, lakes full…thankfully we don’t live in a “low-lying” area, but part of the property does have a creek (the bottom pasture) and it is full of water! I share a lot of pictures from there later in the post.

My brother lives in West Kansas and they had so much snow that he was stuck at the dairy in white-out blizzard like conditions, we are all glad that he was safe, but it was a long day for him because he milked the night before!

So I’m going to get right into it because I have a lot of pictures to share!

These 3 pictures were actually from Thursday night but, I decided to include them because it was all prep for the rain!

We were preparing a section of the loafing barn for our cows to eat and make a little curb out of some scrap wood we have so our cows feed would stay dry during the down pour.

During dry weather conditions our cows (Jarret & I’s small herd) eat in troughs outside in the pasture, but when it rains we feed them indoors so they can be out of the weather and take time to eat.

This was some of the prep for the rain!

Friday the girls have swim lessons and Bryce swims with one of the siblings, which is actually in Maddie’s homeroom class.

The girls are learning about floating & kicking and are so excited to wear goggles in the pool! 😃

While the instructor is working with the other kids, she has Naomi hang out on the ramp because sometimes Miss Naomi thinks her skills are a little more advance than they really are…

I joke with her that she’s like an alligator!

Bryce absolutely LOVES to swim!!!

He will be the first one in the pool and the last one out, he is my little fish.

I remember taking Bryce to swim lessons when he was four. I would take him on Saturday mornings, this is when Maddie was in the NICU and this was one of my little special times with him.

Now Saturday…the day and night of the torrential rain, thunder and lightning!

All. Day.

Jarret spent A LOT of time making sure all of the milk cows had dry bedding to lay on under cover and that all their food was dry!

You take care of the cows and the cows will take care of you!

Right when I was taking this picture is was raining so hard, the thunder was roaring and the lightning was all over the sky!

Jarret no lie, probably changed his clothes about 5 times from being soaked!

Saturday the kids and I had went out and took care of the little calves earlier in the day when it was only sprinkling and then we were held up inside all day. Bryce played his Xbox, the girls watched movies and played, I got some laundry, organizing and reading done, oh and I also cleaned out the fridge!

Sunday, about mid morning the sun was starting to come out and we all ran outside, freedom!

The kids were going stir crazy, it was bringing flashbacks of winter break and being stuck in the house.

Sandbox time!

Since I was curious what the creek looked like, I asked the girls if they wanted to walk down there with me (it’s kind of a hike) and Maddie was the only taker. 

Maddie loves nature walks, Naomi not so much. She asked if it was going to be a lot of walking, I said yes, she said no I’m gonna play sand and be by Dad. 

Off Maddie and I went…

This whole area here were we are walking down to the creek isn’t usually covered in water, that’s how much rain we had!

See how the water is coming from the right side as well, not normal, it’s usually just in the creek in the left side. The force of the water changed the whole landscape of the rocks! Water is such a powerful force.

This is Maddie’s element.

Quiet, Nature, collecting rocks, listening to the water, watching the water run and finding little worm friends.

Bryce rode his bike down to be with us too.

Harley, our lab, was LOVING all the water. He kept running through the water, shaking off, running back through…he was playing.

Grandma had came down right before Bryce, she drove the Ranger down so she could see the creek and Maddie and I didn’t have to hike back up.

When we were just sitting here listening to the water, it reminded me of when we use to go to the Sierra mountains growing up.

You know how you smell a certain smell, or see something and it takes you back. The trees, the leaves, the sound of the creek, the breeze…it was like being in the Sierras, I could sit her all day.

After we headed back up, Naomi was riding her bike and helping to push up the feed to the cows.

Oh does Naomi love to help feed the cows!

She loves to help push up the feed with a broom to the cows when they pushed it out and also help feed the babies. She likes having little jobs or tasks.

She said something so funny when I was taking her picture…

She said, “Mom don’t step on the cows pepper!”

Me- What? What Pepper?

Naomi- Right there by your feet.

Me – I looked down and it was the cow’s salt block!!!

Salt-Pepper, close enough, haha.

Before milking Jarret had to give a bottle of Dextrose to a cow, it’s like sugar water, it’s to give them some energy. Just like Momma’s need a little extra help, so do cows too!

Here’s Dad, always tinkering or working on something.

That was our weekend!

EVERYONE worked really hard this weekend to make sure the cows were taken care of, from Mom & Dad hauling silage in the crazy weather, to Jer’s countless hours in the weather, to our milker boys showing up in torrential conditions, to the kids being patient and understanding. It takes a team!

Talk to you all soon, 


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    May 4, 2017 / 7:12 am

    Glad you were all safe!

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