Hey all Happy Friday!!!

Can you believe that this is Memorial Day weekend??!? 

Time is flying by over here!

The last two days I’ve been really under the weather with a cold/flu and this morning is the first morning I have felt semi-human, ha and actually able to drink coffee, yay!!!

So today I wanted to talk a little what’s up Friday with you all…☺ 

This week we added two new additions to the Mehaffey Family, 2 little kittens and if you know me-you know I am NOT a cat person! But, I know how much my kids love cats & dogs and how much it would make them happy and to top it off they were free! So I felt like if they didn’t work out we didn’t put forth too much effort but, they have been working out great and surprisingly they are pretty low maintenance. I feel like these two kittens are easier than a little puppy…

The girls named them Mittens & Mickey. The one Maddie is holding is Mittens and Naomi is holding Mickey. I let the girls name them since they were with me at the time of pick up and to give you a little insight, Naomi wants to name everything Mickey, lol…at one point she wanted her nickname to be Mickey, ha!

So far they are outside cats and also stay in a little crate at night (in the wood room) and certain times of the day. During the day they like to hang out underneath the back patio deck were they can hide!

The new Magnolia Journal is out!

This past weekend we were at Lowe’s buying a filter for the riding mower and at the checkout stand I noticed the newest issue was out. Obviously I bought it and I think this issue was my favorite, I loved the article about people overcoming fear, being brave and feeling defeated but still moving forward. I read this journal from cover to cover!

Bryce’s baseball games started this week and on Monday we divided and conquered because the girls had swimming. Grandma took the girls to swimming and Jer and I went to his out of town game. Last nights game they lost by one run but the kids played great and I love how all the parents cheer for all the players on the team, not just their own. 💙

This year Bryce is playing catcher! 

He has never played this position before and would you believe me if I told you that this was his first time ever putting the catcher equipment on…  

Jarret and I were so nervous because he never really even practiced at this position but he’s a natural and just sits back and knocks them down!

I love his little baseball team this year!

This past weekend Bryce and I watched Hidden Figures, my Tia rented it from Redbox right before she left. The movie is about 3 African American women who crunch numbers for NASA (human computers) and how vital their role is to them and how much NASA needed them. I absolutely LOVED this movie and all that it stood for and I strongly recommend all of you to rent this movie. The message that this movie displays is priceless!!! 

Lastly I wanted to share my latest skincare obsession with you, it’s called Drunk Elephant. Sadly I’m walking away from my Origins products…I still have a few masks left with Origins but my skin has changed over this past year and their products weren’t working for me anymore. Although Drunk Elephant products are at a higher price point, my skin has never looked so good and their products are so concentrated that you don’t need a lot! I’ve also been doing little at home facial peels and those have really brightened my skin up!

Well I hope you all have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend and I’ll talk to you next week, 


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